Get (Real) One-on-One Jewelry Soldering Lessons with Lexi Erickson

  sterling silver soldered flower ring

I was torch-accessory shopping at the hardware store last night, and before I went, I consulted my notes from my soldering weekend with Lexi Erickson last year. Just pulling out those papers reminded me what a great time I had learning soldering from such an accomplished (and absolutely delightful) teacher–as if I needed a reminder beyond my favorite piece of jewelry. I wear the silver soldered flower ring that I made with Lexi every day, and nearly every day, someone comments on it. I love saying, "Thank you, I made it myself!"

They immediately think I'm awesome. Ha!

One lady said, "Oh, I knew you made jewelry, but I didn't know you were a real jeweler!" I think I'm going to get a T-shirt with "I'm a real jeweler" printed on it.

torch fire sterling silver flower ring pieces on firing brick  

I tell you all this teasing braggery (I know, that's not a real word) not because I'm conceited but because I felt like I was well on my way to becoming "a real jeweler" after the time I spent learning to create and solder jewelry with Lexi. Even though I've been making real jewelry (and so many other things) for many, many years, I felt so creative and capable with that torch in my hands–and so accomplished after I'd make my prized ring. So when I learned Lexi was making a soldering how-to DVD, Metalsmith Essentials: How to Solder Jewelry, I was thrilled. She's an amazingly fun and skilled teacher! I enjoyed my time with her so much, I wished every jewelry maker could have a similar one-to-one soldering lesson with her. Now you can!

  How to Solder Jewelry DVD

Lexi has been teaching soldering and other jewelry-making skills for twenty-five years, so she knows the most important soldering tips and techniques to share in her 95-minute, six-lesson How To Solder Jewelry DVD. You'll learn to make rings, pendants, earrings, and more, as well as the five magic words for proper soldering: fit, cleanliness, flux, placement, and heat.

Lexi also covers all kinds of soldering–direct, pick, and sweat soldering, plus soldering off the stick. If you don't know what all of those are and how to do them, become a real soldering pro and order the Metalsmith Essentials: How to Solder Jewelry DVD! (And if you'd like to make your own version of my beloved silver flower ring, here are the real step-by-step instructions.)

P.S. Did you see Robert Redford in Lexi's behind-the-scenes peek into filming the DVD?

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