Get Ready for Bracelet Season: Adorn Your Arms with Bangles and Cuffs and Resolve to Save!

There's a reason they call it "spring fever." I get the fever this time of year and it distracts me from all my grown-up responsibilities. When the occasional warmer, sunny days (down here in Louisiana, at least) become more frequent than occasional–and the endless cold, rainy days become less frequent–I start thinking about bracelets.

Bangles from One-Hour Bracelets.

Uh, bracelets? Really? Not flowers blooming or birds chirping or riding around with the top down, but bracelets? Well, yes, all of those things, too . . . but bracelets, because for me, spring is the official start of Bracelet Season. (Note to self: Trademark that term.)

If you aren't familiar with Bracelet Season, let me enlighten you. It's a law of nature, really: warmer days = shorter sleeves = bare arms = the perfect opportunity to bring your bracelets out of hibernation! Metal cuff bracelets, leather wraps and cuffs, woven fabric bracelets, wired bead bracelets, charm bracelets (possibly my favorite), diamond tennis bracelets (I wish!), all kinds of bracelets.

Lately I love seeing what creative types are upcycling into bracelets, like teacups and glasses (cut and polished so the edges are smooth and safe), water bottles, license plates, book covers, shoe buckles, old records, aluminum cans, playing cards, and more. Folks are so clever. Here are some inspiring faves I found on Etsy.

Can you guess what these are? Answer: Bangle bracelets cut from old skateboards, by This Good Earth.


This pretty bracelet is an old watch band plus a vintage shoe clip, courtesy of Wish An Wear.

Kool Platez recycles old license plates into cuff bracelets, like this one from down here on the bayou.

Redwinged Blackbirds turned an old children's book cover into this sweet but bold cuff bracelet.

This modern cuff bracelet is made by phase B out of old plastic water bottles.

Olive Spoon Studio turns old silverware into rings and bracelets, like this spoon cuff bracelet.

To celebrate the coming of Bracelet Season, here are three favorite bracelet how-to projects from Jewelry Making Daily. Just click the pics to get to the instructions.


Barbara Lewis's enameled disc bracelet My stick-pearl flower cuff Jane Dickerson's faux chain maille bracelet
Jeff's disc bracelets from One-Hour Bracelets

For more great bracelet-making ideas, download or order a DVD copy of our One-Hour Bracelets with Jeff Fulkerson video workshop. It's on sale now in our Resolve to Save Event! Through following along with Jeff's five bracelet tutorials in the video, you'll learn to form a variety of bracelet styles in metal; once you've got those down, you can branch out and experiment with your own designs, building upon the bracelet-making and metal-forming basics you learned from the video. Meanwhile you'll also be learning metalsmithing skills like hammer textures, rollerprinting, soldering, setting stones, riveting, using a disc cutter (sooo handy!), creating patinas on metal, and more.

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