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  jewelry selling home party display
Photo: Michael Richardson

As part of my attempt to introduce my newly established jewelry-making business to my neighborhood and friends, I recently held an open house as a fun way to sell my jewelry. I spread out my jewelry around my dining room and living room, and after cleaning frantically and buying some snacks, I opened the doors to the public. In the end, it was a success; I introduced my jewelry to a few new people and got some extra money in my pocket. It was also a lot of fun, and I highly recommend home parties as a great jewelry-selling method, especially with the holidays and gift-giving season approaching.

Tips for Holding a Jewelry-Selling Home Party
Here are some tips to get you started if you'd like to have a jewelry-selling party.

Hit up your friends and family to see if they would like to host one for you. While you can have it in your own house (like I did), having someone else take care of the snacks and hosting can really help you focus on the ultimate goal-answering questions about and selling your jewelry. My mother-in-law was the first person who hosted a jewelry-selling party for me, and boy, was I ever grateful that she took some of that off my shoulders!

jewelry selling home party display   
Photo: Michael Richardson

If you decide to have it in your own house, send invitations to people you know. You can allow them to bring guests, but opening your house to complete strangers could bring unexpected trouble (or gossip if you have nosy neighbors!). If you want to introduce your jewelry to new people, it's better to hold your jewelry-selling party in a public place like a community center or neighborhood clubhouse.

  jewelry selling home party Halloween display
Photo: Michael Richardson

To generate interest in how you make your jewelry, hold a quick demonstration. Your guests will be amazed with your talent and will know exactly how the jewelry you're selling is made. When I do a demonstration, I usually make a necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings. Make sure your demonstrations are quick; sometimes it's hard to keep everyone's attention.

Request the addresses and/or e-mail addresses of those who buy jewelry from you. This is a great way to build up your mailing list and customer base for future jewelry sales. That way, whenever you are holding your own event or sell your jewelry at craft shows, you can keep customers informed with the latest news about where you'll be selling jewelry next. You may even receive bookings for home parties.

Make sure you have enough displays to really showcase your jewelry. You don't want to just lay the jewelry on the table. If the customer sees a necklace on a necklace display, they'll get a better idea of how it may look on them. If you have more valuable items, get a glass-encased display tray with a lock. Revolving earring racks can give the customer a feeling that they're browsing through a chic boutique. Successful jewelry-selling home parties are all about the presentation. 

Mary Yaeger's Beadwitched Earrings

Provide mirrors so customers can try on your jewelry and see how it will look on them. You may also want to have small shopping baskets on hand as your customers browse and offer gift packaging.

Gearing Up for the Holidays

Pat Moses-Caudel's knitted wire
Horn of Plenty Necklace

Even though it was over a month until Halloween when I held my open house, a lot of the pieces I sold were Halloween jewelry. Now that it's October, I have to begin making holiday jewelry. I signed up for three local craft shows in November and December. I have already bought some holiday-themed beads, but I only have a couple ideas of what to do with them.  I want to do more than just simple stringing. That means I need to come up with some fresh and new ideas, and quick!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Jewelry Projects
If you're still in Halloween mode, check out Mary Yaeger's adorable Beadwitched Earrings.  After Halloween comes Thanksgiving, and Pat Moses-Caudel's Horn of Plenty Necklace will inspire you if you love knitting with wire. Linda Jones's Holly Leaf Ornament project may not be jewelry, but people are always looking for unique Christmas ornaments. Plus, with my knowledge of the wire techniques, I think I can easily shrink the pattern down to make a cute pendant! And even beginners can easily whip up the pretty wire Christmas trees in Julie Charles's Merry Merry Earrings.

Julie Charles's Merry Merry Earrings
Linda Jones's Holly Leaf Ornaments

These are just a few examples of the many holiday projects available in the Interweave Store.



Year-Round Jewelry Inspiration on Sale Now!
Jewelry buyers also like to purchase jewelry to wear year-round. For those projects, I know I have a wonderful resource at my fingertips in the Interweave Store. And now, you can take advantage of the eProjects sale to find inspiration. What's more convenient than downloading your favorite projects straight to your computer, and at a great price?


It's time for me to concentrate on increasing my jewelry inventory for upcoming shows.  Making a few pieces a day should help, so I'd better get to it. My first show is only a few weeks away!





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