Winter Jewelry Designs eBook: Free Jewelry Projects Inspired by Winter

The free Jewelry Designs Inspired by Winter eBook comes with 3 spectacular winter jewelry designs made for the holiday season. Last year I got the bright idea that I’d make a sterling silver wire snowflake. I wanted to challenge myself with multiple solder joins in close proximity, in one piece, without melting any of the 20-gauge sterling silver wire. It turned out to not be as much of a challenge as I thought; every single join except one behaved beautifully—but I completely melted one. I love snow so much, I didn’t even mind, and I’ve decided to make another sterling silver snowflake each year, along with other winter jewelry designs.

And now, in our free eBook, Jewelry Designs Inspired by Winter, I have two more snowflakes projects to try, along with a whimsical champagne earring project. This might be my favorite free eBook we’ve ever offered. What’s not to love–two gorgeous snowflake projects and earrings that resemble a champagne flute of bubbly? Fabulous winter jewelry designs.



Winter Jewelry Designs

Chain Maille Snowflake Pendant or Ornament by Rebeca Mojica

The Chain Maille Snowflakes jewelry design by Rebeca Mojica can be found in our free Jewelry Designs Inspired by Winter. Rebeca’s friend suggested that the Japanese 12-in-2 weave lent itself to a snowflake pattern. “It sounded genius to me, and so I immediately set out to create a delicate sterling pendant,” Rebeca says. Grab your pliers and jump rings and let Rebeca take you through the steps to make a perfect chain maille snowflake pendant. Make it a little larger and voila–you have handcrafted chain maille snowflake Christmas tree ornaments. Make heirloom snowflakes using sterling silver jump rings, or make a lightweight, inexpensive version using aluminum jump rings. “The design comes together quickly and makes a perfect gift-box decoration,” Rebeca says.

Champagne Flute Earrings by Jamie Hogsett

The Champagne Flutes is a jewelry earring design found in our free Jewelry Designs Inspired by Winter. Make Jamie’s whimsical Champagne Flute earrings now, and you’ll be ready to sparkle and shine come New Year’s Eve. These simple wrapped wire earrings are easy enough for even beginning jewelry makers to create. Make them in white or yellow metal wire to suit your style, and go crazy with a limitless array of sparkling crystals. “The CZ beads in these easy-to-make wrapped wire earrings cluster at the top of the dangle, just as champagne bubbles float to the top of a glass,” Jamie says. I can’t think of champagne without thinking of winter—New Year’s Eve and my birthday, especially!

Silver and Drusy Snowflake Ornament by Darlene Anderson

The Silver and Drusy Snowflake Ornament is a jewelry design project found in our free Jewelry Designs Inspired by Winter eBook. Sparkling silver drusy stones resemble snow, frost, and ice so much, they seem to be made for winter. In this project, you’ll master torch control with multiple solder joins, as well as bezel-making and stone-setting the center drusy stone. “My sterling and platinum-coated drusy stone ornament can be given as a tree ornament gift or as a pendant,” Darlene says. “The little crystals of the drusy coating give it the perfect wintry sparkle. The piece measures 3 inches wide, and can be hung on leather or a ribbon.”

Bring a little winter festivity into your studio with these three winter jewelry designs, perfect for you and for gift-giving as well. Download your free copy of Jewelry Designs Inspired by Winter and put your wire, chain maille, soldering, bezel-making, and stone-setting skills to work making snowflakes and a little bubbly for festive winter events! Bonus: The snowflakes can be made in different sizes to enjoy as jewelry or as ornaments.



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