Metalsmith Essentials: Textures and Patinas | Free Metalsmithing Videos

Join the Metalsmith Essentials revolution.
The fabricationista, Helen Driggs, is back with another 2-disc set!

Now you can learn how to make your own richly textured handmade metal jewelry, step by step.

Join artist and experienced metalsmith Helen Driggs in 11 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to get started texturing and patinating jewelry by hand or with a rolling mill. Here you can view free metalsmithing videos as previews into her full video sets.

Master texturing basics and boost your skills with step-by-step expert how-tos for hammering textures, metal stamping, adding texture to 3-D forms, the use of a rolling mill, and more!

Then, add color and depth to your jewelry pieces with the use of commercial patinas and earth-friendly metal-coloring methods.

Order your copy of this dynamic DVD to:

·         Discover the safe and proper way to transfer textures onto metal with the use of a rolling mill.

·         Learn fool-proof techniques for laying out text and designs for metal stamping.

·         Add visual interest to your pieces by preserving and creating textures on 3-D forms.

·         Learn how to clean and prep your piece to accept a patina for maximum success.

·         Add depth and volume with a variety of patinas using simple household chemicals.

·         And more!

Watch two full hours of exciting metalsmith essentials on your own time. This two-disc set allows you to start and stop when it’s convenient for you. Get a front-row seat to this master metal jewelry class you can watch again and again!

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