Flickr Groups and Photo Editing


Want to get maximum benefit from Flickr? Jewelry makers who sell jewelry online rely on this popular photo-sharing site and recommend connecting with other jewelry artists by joining groups and taking full advantage of Picnik, Flickr's free photo-editing application.

Jewelry-Related Flickr Groups
Flickr groups are accessible to anyone who visits the site, but you have to apply to join. Here are a few worth checking out if you make jewelry.

  • Artisan Jewelry on Etsy is a public group with 2,200+ members where you can post up to seven pieces a week.
  • Conceptual Art Jewelry is a more selective space with only 35 members, curated for artists who make conceptual jewelry and exhibit it in galleries, museums, their own studios, or websites. You'll find funky, well-made and often sublime works of jewelry art here. 
  • Ring a Day group pool: Since it launched in January 2010, almost 400 jewelry makers have signed on for the challenge: produce a ring every day and post your results. At press time, there were nearly 15,000 images accumulated, from a flower yarn twisted artfully around a finger to ambitious multi-finger metal sculptures. Just glancing through the daily postings is enough to get your creative juices flowing. If you join, remember to tag items with the day of the challenge, the date of creation, and Ring a Day or RAD2010.

Remember, a ring produced for the challenge can appear several places on Flickr, including your own profile and other related groups. If it's truly remarkable, it may get picked up by other sites as well. Danielle Miller's daily rings – incorporating wine corks, bottle tops and Groucho Marx noses, among other things – have been featured on several blogs, including Scoutie Girl and Ecouterre.

Flickr Photo Editing App
Flickr launched its own photo-editing application in 2007 and jewelry artist Brooke Medlin swears by it, as a simple, easy-to-use touch-up for online jewelry pics.

  • Picnikers group – 8,700+ members, good place to find visual examples of how to use Flickr's photo-editing application. Not much jewelry here, but you might find ideas for manipulating your photos.
  • Picnik Help Hub blog, introduced in July, 2010, offers a compilation of Flickr resources amassed over three years.
  • You might also want to follow Picknik on Twitter, for updates and – launched in October, 2010, potential "meet-ups" of other Picnik users in your area.



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