Five Free Designs for Making Wire Jewelry

Sonja Kiser's Beading Heart Pendant.
Joyce Tromp's Floating Crystal Cube necklace. 


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When we thought about putting together a free ebook of wire jewelry designs, we wondered what our readers would like the most. There's so much to choose from in wire design. Well, that was the answer! There's so much to choose from, so many different looks you can achieve from wire jewelry making that we put together five projects each using a different wire technique. You can try your hand at any or all of them. There's chain maille, classic square wire, wire weaving, wire coiling and spiraling, and a beautiful freeform wire bracelet. And when you find the one you like the best, let us know. We want to continue giving our readers what they want the most, and you'll find it in our eBook, Learn to Make Wire Jewelry: Designs for Making Wire Jewelry with 5 Wire Jewelry Making Techniques!

Concerto Necklace
Coiled links harmonize with textured lampwork beads in this striking necklace. Pop in your own favorite lampwork beads to make it your own.
By Cindy Wimmer

Beading Heart Pendant
Heart-shaped classic wire wrap. Square wire, twisted wire, and spirals define classic wire wrap. Sonja's pendant is a

Cindy Wimmer's Concerto necklace.
Pepper Mentz's Swirls & Whirls bracelet.
Carol Dean Naukam's Timeless Turquoise & Elegant Onyx.

great way to try this beautiful technique.
By Sonja Kiser

Swirls & Whirls
This hammered link bracelet uses heavier gauge wire, hammered to flatten and make it sit just right on your wrist. Follow the wire jewelry pattern, or create your own links.
By Pepper Mentz

Floating Crystal Cube Necklace
A chain maille weave captures cool crystals in this stunning necklace. Any color crystal would make this sparkle. It's not as hard as it looks!
By Joyce Tromp

Timeless Turquoise & Elegant Onyx
Wire wrap and wire weaving combine to create this lovely bangle. The unusual shape of the beads, and the small sections of weaving make it a real conversation piece.
By Carol Dean Naukam

Don't waste a second wondering if you can do wirework! These projects take you step-by-step, picture by picture, from start to finish.Download Learn to Make Wire Jewelry: Designs for Making Wire Jewelry with 5 Wire Jewelry Making Techniques today! And be sure share this post with any friends who might want to expand their own wire jewelry making repertoire.

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