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Learn how to use Facebook as a marketing tool for your gem or jewelry business in “Your Facebook Fan Club” in the October 2010 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.

Among social networking sites, Facebook is the perfect fit for many people who work in visual media – which probably explains why so many jewelry makers and designers congregate there to sell jewelry online. It's as easy to upload an image as it is to post a comment. In fact, you can post entire albums of up to 200 photos, free of charge.

If you're just getting started with Facebook, here are a few things to check out:

Facebook Communities for Jewelry Artists
Jewelry Community Page [!/pages/Jewelry/115183551830113?ref=ts]
Post anything with the word "jewelry" and it pops up here. First you'll see the jewelry posts by your Facebook friends. Everything else appears under "Related Global Posts." Because there are so many people worldwide posting on Facebook about jewelry, a new post appears about every 30 seconds. It's a hodgepodge of jewelry-related news.

Making Jewelry Community Page [!/pages/Making-Jewelry/377987528549?ref=ts]
This one is far more targeted but with just as many followers. Include the words "making jewelry" or "jewelry making" in your post, and it will appear on this page to all 25,000 people who signed on (including me). First time I visited this page, someone had just posted a link to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and it popped up because the tagline contains the magic words ("jewelry making").



Applications to Help You Sell Jewelry Online via Facebook
Create tabs for your Facebook profile that link to your Etsy shop:!/apps/application.php?id=169505045786&ref=ts

For similar tabs to link to your ArtFire shop and the ability to share your updates with the rest of the ArtFire community:!/ArtFireKiosk

Jewelry Designers with Fan Pages:
Jacob Albee Designs

Joanna Gollberg Jewelry Inc!/pages/joanna-gollberg-jewelry-inc/36079846467?ref=search&sid=751984787.286520796..1

Danielle Miller Jewelry (644 fans)

Fan Pages for Gem-Related and Jewelry-Making Sites
One World Gemstone
Markets the site's custom-faceted gems to more than 2,200 fans, along with extensive photo galleries and useful links to gem-related blogs and videos.

Tucson Gem Show
[!/TucsonGemShow?ref=ts] gets much more lively in the months leading up to TGS but stays active year-round by posting gem- and show-related links, photo albums and the Tucson Gem Show blog [].

The Jewlery Loupe [] is the fan page for my own blog where I link to new posts (artist profiles, interviews with experts, and my own musings on jewelry-related history and pop culture). I will also post links to this Net Profits blog as they go live.

Jewelry Making Daily
Posts links to the many editor and jewelry-maker blogs on, recently launched by Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Click "Like" on this page to join a growing network of jewelry artists and gain easy access to a steady stream of jewelry-making and gem-cutting projects, tips and techniques.

Sign on to the Facebook fan for my blog, The Jewelry Loupe, at and I'll keep you posted when future Net Profits columns go live.


Cathleen McCarthy is a freelance writer specializing in design, travel and business. Her stories have appeared in Town & Country, AmericanStyle, Art & Antiques, Washington Post, and her own site, The Jewelry Loupe. She has written for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist since 1992.

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