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jewelry-making projects

Sometimes I surprise myself by finding jewelry-making projects in our store that I’ve never seen. Then I want to reach out to you, readers, and say, “Hey, have you guys seen this?” But it’s no surprise that I find something new all the time. The Interweave Store has over 1,000 jewelry-making projects (plus over 1,600 beading and stringing projects!), with new ones added monthly. So there’s always something new and interesting waiting for you. Now here’s my chance: Have you guys seen these?

Metal Jewelry-Making Projects

jewelry-making projects: Soldered Charm Bangle by Jeff Fulkerson
Soldered Charm Bangle by Jeff Fulkerson

I rarely sit down at my bench without making something to do with flowers. Literal or organic or even just hints of flowers–they’re always there. This sweet cuff is loaded down with flowers, and among all that pretty is a great soldering lesson.

jewelry-making projects: Metal Clay Micromosaic and Resin Pin/Brooch by Patrik Kusek
Metal Clay Micromosaic and Resin Pin/Brooch by Patrik Kusek

(Yes, metal clay is metal. It just starts out in a different form. Now that we have that out of the way . . . ) I find this metal clay mosaic pin so artistic, so intriguing, so eye catching. When I realized that it was made of metal clay and resin, I had to look closer. Then I was even more intrigued, first by the idea of Patrik’s technique of making a mosaic using metal clay and next by the thought of covering it with colored resin. Wow.

Stone-Setting and Gemstone Jewelry-Making Projects

jewelry-making projects: Fordite and Silver Pendant by Lexi Erickson
Fordite and Silver Pendant by Lexi Erickson

I love a lot of things about this pendant, and not just because it’s was made by my jewelry-making mentor, Lexi. It reminds me of shopping for Fordite with Lexi in Tucson once, which was fun. But mostly I think I love this pendant because of the tiny little curved edges she sawed near the top. I believe tiny details like that are everything to a successful jewelry design.

jewelry-making projects: Tube Set Stone-on-Stone Pendant by Jeff Fulkerson
Tube Set Stone-on-Stone Pendant by Jeff Fulkerson

At Bead Fest last year, I was finally able to take an incredibly fun and rewarding stone-on-stone setting class with Jeff. Everything you can think of went awry. I broke my stone, and I melted my backplate, which I’ve never done before, not even as a beginner. And in spite of all of that, I still learned so much and had tons of fun. I know that was because I had such a great teacher. Plus, this is just a super cool technique for a jewelry maker to learn!

jewelry-making projects: Kyanite and Keum Boo Pendant by Lexi Erickson
Kyanite and Keum Boo Pendant by Lexi Erickson

I keep this pendant on my to-do list for three reasons. First, it features gold accents from keum boo, which I learned to do last year and use whenever possible. Keum boo is ridiculously easy yet, ironically, it adds so much style and value to a design. Secondly, I love the simple prong setting that Lexi used to secure the kyanite. I take mental notes of any nontraditional ways to set stones, and this one couldn’t be more impactful. Thirdly, there’s a pearl!

Wire Jewelry-Making Projects

jewelry-making projects: Ruffled Wire Woven Pendant by Sarah Thompson
Ruffled Wire Woven Pendant by Sarah Thompson

Sarah’s pendant is just so pretty, isn’t it? Scallops, rickrack, ruffles–all are on my list of favorite design elements. The fact that this pretty wirework design also serves as a simple, unobtrusive stone setting is the cherry on top.

jewelry-making projects:
Mixin’ It Up Earrings by Nealay Patel

There’s a lot going on in these festive earrings, with their mix of texture, color, crystals, fiber, and wire. Even so, they feel like a carefree fun summer day and I just want to make them! I’d love them with a coil of leather instead of the fibers, too. These happy, mixed-media earrings provide lots of opportunities for alternative design and materials.

jewelry-making projects:
Waterfall Earrings by Delilah

There’s an inner party girl in me, and she wears bold earrings like these. She has the cutest pixie haircut, and she can dance! She goes dancing a lot. When she wears earrings like this, the beads are replaced with crystals and they sparkle like crazy.

Mixed-Media Jewelry-Making Projects

Mixed-media jewelry is usually my favorite of all, because anything goes! There are no limitations to what supplies you can use in mixed-media jewelry. No paper in jewelry? “Yes you can, it’s mixed media.” No plastic in jewelry? “Yes you can! It’s mixed media jewelry.” No dried beans or shards of glass or turtle’s teeth in jewelry? Yes, you can. “Mixed-media jewelry” is like a free pass for fun, unfettered jewelry-making projects.

jewelry-making projects: Kit Carson's Everything's O.K. Found Steel and Turquoise Cuff by Kit Carson with Terri Haag
Kit Carson’s Everything’s O.K. Found Steel and Turquoise Cuff by Kit Carson with Terri Haag

So first of all, Kit Carson made this cool cuff. When I first heard about Kit Carson’s jewelry in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, I had to look him up. Doesn’t that sound like the name of a Wild West legend? Like someone who slings six-shooters instead of hammers? But Kit Carson is a real person and he makes jewelry the way I love best: using whatever he wants. I dream of having a studio full of all kinds of randomness like he has. (Learn more about him in the August 2017 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.)

jewelry-making projects: Found Enamelware for Jewelry by Wei Lah Poh
Found Enamelware for Jewelry by Wei Lah Poh

Isn’t this necklace just stunning? It looks like something you’d see in a gallery, created by an artist that’s just too cool. That may be true, but we have the tutorial so you, too, can be that super cool artist. This super sleek design shows you how to incorporate found objects like enamelware (or pottery, or ceramics…) in your jewelry designs.

jewelry-making projects: Aladdin’s Lamp Earrings by Kristi Bowman-Gruel
Aladdin’s Lamp Earrings by Kristi Bowman-Gruel

Random materials are at the heart of mixed-media jewelry-making projects–it’s right there in the name, after all. But these colorful earrings just seem to mix materials so well. They’re a great way to show off a pair of lampwork beads, which appeals to me because, let’s face it, lampwork beads can be hard on the wallet. But I love them so! And if you have a special pair of glass or gemstone beads, this is a great way to show them off. Plus, I love any chance I get to use ribbon or fibers in jewelry-making projects. Bonus: These are SO easy to make, perfect for beginners who want stunning but doable designs.

What’s So Great About Jewelry-Making Projects?

The jewelry-making projects in the Interweave Store are an ideal way to dip your toe in a jewelry technique. Before committing with a book or video, for only $2-4, you can get expert step-by-step instructions on projects you love. That’s quite a bargain! You can learn a lot for a few bucks, from a variety of teachers in a lot of interesting techniques. So the next time you’d like to give your creativity a jolt or just try something new, think of projects.

Browse all of our jewelry-making projects, or see just projects for beginner, intermediate, and experienced makers. If you’re looking for the perfect bracelet project or some fab new earrings, you can browse by jewelry types, too. You can also focus on trying out one technique, like enameling, metal clay, or metalsmithing. And if you want to learn a particular skill, that works, too. We have tutorials on skills like  mold making, carving pearls, drawing down tubing, cutting gemstones, and making bails. You can even learn affordable lost wax casting! You never know what you’ll find in our jewelry-making projects, and new ones are added monthly!

–Tammy Jones
Editor, Interweave Jewelry

Here are some of my recent favorite fun and challenging jewelry projects in the Interweave Store!


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