Favorite Project of the Week: No-Solder Fold-Up 3D Pendant

Who doesn’t love a puppy? The eyes. The fluffiness. The sweetness. The overall cuteness. No wonder puppy photos and videos are some of the most popular items on the entire internet.

ABOVE PHOTO: Getty Images

Foldover 3D pendant

Photo: Jim Lawson

Noël Yovovich’s No-Solder Fold-Up 3D Pendant from the May/June 2017 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist is like a puppy portrait that you can wear. It’s both adorable and fashionable. And three-dimensional, too! There’s no soldering involved; it’s all done with folding and riveting. And the cuteness factor is through the roof.

  • It’s a puppy! That’s all you have to say. A puppy!
  • The project is deceptively simple with minimal materials and tools needed.
  • It’s a great project for practicing cold-connection techniques. No fire involved.
  • It works for other animals, too. I need to try this with a kitten. My cat will appreciate it.

Puppy power!

Project Details

Required Materials:

  • Metal sheet, 24 gauge, about 1″x6″
  • Masonry nail

Required Tools:

  • Saw
  • Blades
  • File
  • Sandpaper
  • Mallet
  • Marker
  • Rounded polished hammer
  • Riveting hammer or claw hammer
  • Steel block or anvil
  • Rotary tool and bur

Required skills:

  • Basic metalsmithing

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