Favorite Project of the Week: Mosaic Metal Clay Pin

Black and white. Yin and yang. Coffee and cream. The interaction and contrasts of opposites can result in some amazing and stunning jewelry designs.

RIGHT: Photo: Getty Images

Favorite Project of the Week: Mosaic Metal Clay Pin

Photo: Jim Lawson

Patrik Kusek’s Mosaic Metal Clay Pin, from the December 2016 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, combines black and white — and silver and gold — in a design that strongly reminds me of traditional “Yin/Yang” symbols. It’s made with precious metal clay and uses mosaic techniques to give it a unique and special look.

  • The pin is a great way to practice using metal clay.
  • It’ll teach you how to use mosaics in your jewelry creations.
  • The Yin/Yang feel gives this piece a cool oriental vibe.
  • The mosaics and the combination of opposite colors puts me in mind of foam on my morning coffee (one of my favorite things).

Let opposites attract!

Project Details

Required Materials

  • OneFire Sterling PMC 25 grams
  • Aura 22k
  • Sterling silver pin, hinge, and catch
  • BlackMax patina
  • Alumina hydrate

Required Tools:

  • Basic metal clay tool kit
  • Circle template
  • Drinking straws in a variety of sizes
  • Plexiglas “snake” roller
  • Paragon SC-2 kiln
  • Basic torch
  • Soldering set up
  • Flex shaft
  • Extra fine texturing brush rotary wheel
  • Drill bits
  • Paint brush for Aura 22

Required skills: Basic metal skills, soldering