Favorite Project of the Week: Mokumé Gané Stingray Pendant

Danger can be beautiful! One very dangerous creature of the sea is the stingray. Its stingers and venom can be deadly. But it’s also a beautiful delicate animal, gliding gently through the waves. Sure, you want to watch out for a real stingray. But you can find inspiration for your jewelry designs in its form.

Roger Halas’s Mokumé Gané Stingray Pendant from the May/June 2016 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist uses the merging of metals to show the beauty of the stingray — embellished by decorative stones. Mokumé gané is a fantastic metalwork technique that forges together two or more metals — in this case, sterling silver, copper, and brass — for a unique look. It was originally used by sword and knife makers and is now a very popular technique for jewelry artists. This project is a great way to practice working with mokumé gané as well as developing your forging techniques — and playing with your rolling mill (always a fun time).

Mokumé Gané Stingray by Roger Halas

Roger Halas
Mokumé Gané Stingray Pendant
Mokumé gané sheet, sterling silver, garnets

  • This pendant will introduce you to mokumé gané and teach you how to work with it.
  • Practice your forging and rolling skills.
  • Using different combinations of metal and different faceted stones will give your piece a unique look.
  • It’s a great way to make a thing of beauty out of a scary creature from the depths of the sea.

Don’t get stung!

Project Details
Required Materials:

  • 18 gauge or thicker mokumé gané sheet
  • 14 gauge sterling sheet
  • ¼ inch sterling billet
  • 14 gauge sterling wire
  • Two 3mm faceted stones
  • One 5mm faceted stone

Required Tools:

  • HAND AND FABRICATION: Hammer, nylon hammer, jeweler’s saw, pitch bowl, pitch, rotary tool, drill bit set, pliers, files, 1/16-inch drill bit
  • EQUIPMENT: Rolling mill, anvil or bracelet mandrel
  • SETTING AND FINISHING: Stone setting bur set, 400 grit sandpaper, blue radial bristle brushes, fine abrasive polishing pins, engraving bur, rounded bezel pusher, beeswax, tape
  • CASTING AND SOLDERING: Ingot mold, cuttlebone, torch setup

Required skills: Metal fabrication, chasing and repoussé, cuttlebone casting, flush setting

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