Favorite Project of the Week: Linked Metal Clay Bracelet with Stones

One of the most useful jewelry-making skills to master is stone setting. But referring to stone setting as “a skill” is deceptive — there are so many different ways to set stones. It’s a matter of finding your favorite or favorites for incorporating stones into your designs.
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Favorite Project of the Week: Linked Metal Clay Bracelet with Stones

Photo: Jim Lawson

If you’re intimated by metalsmithing — or you just want an alternative to metal — try setting your stones in metal clay. It’ll give you the look and feel of metal and will make your stones pop! But again, there are many ways to set stones in metal clay.

Arlene Mornick’s Linked Metal Clay Bracelet with Stones, from the November 2016 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, teaches you six (count ‘em — six) different techniques for stone setting in metal clay.

  • It gives you clear and detailed instructions for setting stones in metal clay.
  • You can master every technique or concentrate on your favorites.
  • You can mix and match stone or glass cabochons to give your design a unique look.
  • And you end up with a gorgeous piece of jewelry you can wear anywhere!

Get set, get stones!

Project Details
Required Materials:

  • 20 grams Art Clay Silver
  • 1 oval 4x6mm faceted stone
  • 1 round cabochon stone, 4mm
  • 4 round faceted stones, 4mm
  • 1 fine silver embeddable faceted stone setting
  • 15 18-gauge 4mm OD jump rings
  • 14 20-gauge 4mm OD jump rings
  • 1 inch rolo chain

Required Tools:

  • 1 round tube 6 mm OD to create setting for 4mm square stone
  • 1 round tube 4mm OD to create hole for 4mm cabochon
  • 1 round tube 2.25mm OD to create holes for jump rings
  • 1 round tube 1.5mm OD to create hole for faceted stone culet
  • 1 stone setting bur 4mm
  • Various ⅝-inch decorative cutters
  • Various textures,
  • Acrylic or glass work surface
  • Non-stick surface (Teflon)
  • Thickness guides for 0.75mm (3 playing cards) and 1mm (4 playing cards)
  • Smooth flat surface such as a snake rolling tool, acrylic roller, paint brush, straight-edge cutter
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Kiln

Required skills: Metal clay use

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