Favorite Project of the Week: Holiday Wire Earrings

At first glance, you might think you know where jewelry designer Tom Werkheiser took his inspiration for these Holiday Wire Earrings. However, it’s not as straightforward as you might think.

Tom has dabbled in landscape painting for a number of years before making jewelry. He enjoys transferring landscape artistry to his metalwork. Some of the features he incorporates in his designs are trees in a negative image, created by sawing one continuous line from a drilled pilot hole to the tips of the trees.

These earrings came to fruition while he was looking at trees sawn for a pendant. The original prototype was designed as a positive or solid image of the sawn trees using 20 gauge copper wire. The final product developed into the simple, attractive Holiday Wire Earrings you see here.

Along with a detailed step-by-step tutorial for making these earrings, Tom also shares tips on personalizing the earrings. Plus tips on where your attention to detail is going to be extra important. Here’s what you tools and materials you’ll need to make your own Holiday Wire Earrings:


  • Two 20 gauge dead soft sterling wires, 5¾”
  • Sterling wire scraps, 3 per earring
  • Rubber ear wire guards

HAND: Wire cutters, round nose pliers, slim line flat nose pliers (about 1⁄8″ wide tips), solder shears, fine Sharpie marker, standard round lead pencil, #2 equaling needle file, planishing hammer, scribe, tweezers, calipers, ruler

SOLDERING: Soldering block, acetylene torch, medium tip, striker, flux, quenching water, pickle pot, rinse water, medium and easy solder

FINISHING: 220-320-400 wet/ dry sandpaper, tumbler with mixed steel shot and burnishing compound

OPTIONAL: Use a cup bur that accommodates 20ga wire and a flex shaft to finish the wire ends. You can also use 3M Bristle Discs and a flex shaft for cleanup and finishing, in place of tumbling.

-Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

Make these popular Holiday Wire Earrings today!


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