Fave Five: Top Jewelry-Making DVDs to Teach and Inspire You

Even though I wasn't an early adapter, I can't imagine not knowing all the jewelry techniques that I've learned by watching a DVD: etching, chain maille, riveting and cold connections, resin, even some wirework. Classes are a luxury that not everyone can enjoy, and I believe jewelry-making videos and DVDs are absolutely the next best thing.

Written instructions are convenient but often brief, and they don't provide all the little nuances that an instructor is likely to include when they're demonstrating a technique. I love the accessibility to top instructors and industry leaders that DVDs make possible–instructors that most jewelry makers don't have access to through classes. Plus, once you've got the DVD, you can watch it over and over, whenever you like, wherever you like, for a technique refresher. Win, win, win!

Here are my fave five jewelry-making DVDs–the ones that have taught me the most and helped me remember tips and smart practices when I return to a jewelry-making technique I haven't done in awhile.


Resin: Beaded Bracelets with Fiber Beads, Crystals, Resin, and Wire
I can't say enough about my sparkle sister Kristal Wick's DVD, Mixed Media: Beaded Bracelets with Fiber Beads, Crystals, Resin, and Wire. It's a mixed-media jewelry artist's dream, and after watching the DVD, I became a resin fanatic. I'd always thought resin was complicated and risky, so fear of ruining a jewelry project kept me from trying it. But in Kristal's fun and informative video, I learned how simple resin is–just pour and cure, with a toothpick on standby to pop an occasional air bubble. The jewelry-making possibilities she shares are nearly endless, including how to use resin with paper, fabric, fancy fibers, and GLITTER! You'll learn to make custom charms, repurpose scrapbook eyelets to make floral pieces, and use rub-on transfers in bezel pendants and charms. Very versatile and very fun!


Soldering: How to Solder Jewelry
I wish everyone could have one-on-one soldering lessons with the lady who taught me nearly everything I know about soldering, my friend and teacher Lexi Erickson. You can benefit from her more than twenty years of experience teaching jewelry-making students of all levels with her DVD How to Solder Jewelry. It's the next best thing to spending time with her in her studio; she teaches you all about pickle and flux, tools and torches, the different kinds of solder and soldering, how to make bezels, and more–just like she taught me!


Bezels: Making Bezels for Stones and Found Objects
I'm always picking up rocks and peculiar things on the beach or digging through dusty boxes in antique stores, looking for pretty bits to use in my jewelry. Being able to make bezels for beautiful antique buttons, metal artifacts, interesting rocks, and other found objects is important to me–and I especially love being able to make bezels with a micro torch instead of the big torch setup–so I keep Denise Peck's Metalwork: Making Bezels for Stones and Found Objects DVD on my desk for a quick reminder of how to create bezels for anything using a micro torch.


Metalsmithing: Basic Fabrication
Helen Driggs is our resident cold-connection and metalsmithing expert. Who better to learn metalsmithing basics from than her? Her best-selling DVD Metalsmithing Essentials: Basic Fabrication is packed full of great metalsmithing tips she's learned through years of being an artisan jeweler and goldsmith, including money-saving ideas for how to make the most of your precious (expensive!) metals and how to make your own sanding stick. Helen covers metalsmithing and metal jewelry-making basics from start to finish, including jewelry-making tool safety; all about metals and how to texture, saw, form, and drill them; and professional finishing tips and techniques. If you're going to learn metalsmithing and how to work with various metals, learn from the best!


Mixed Media: Transforming Metal Found Objects for Your Jewelry
Watching Candie Cooper's Remixed Media: Transforming Metal Found Objects for Your Jewelry is always inspiring for me when I sit down to work on metal jewelry projects. She covers the basics–sawing, cold connections, doming, even some soldering–as well as fun personalization techniques such as hammering and other texturing, etching, and patinas. The projects she creates have a feeling of limitless possibilities to me, because they're made out of anything and everything: coins, silverware, bits of old jewelry, and "flea market filigree." I love her whimsical mixed-media style, and you can easily apply her techniques to your own found treasures to create one-of-a-kind mixed-media masterpieces. 

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