How to Use Facebook Video to Promote Your Jewelry Business

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If you’re comfortable on camera and like to teach, consider streaming a demonstration on Facebook. If you spend any time on everybody’s favorite social platform, you’ve probably seen announcements in your feed that so-and-so is “now live.”

How effective is Facebook video as a promotional tool? “I think it’s incredibly effective for some people,” says Sarah Benoit, co-founder of the internet marketing firm JB Media Group. I met Sarah at the SNAG conference this year where she delivered a workshop on SEO for artists.

“Facebook video is not right for every audience,” Sarah says. “People are on Facebook to hang out with their friends, so it’s not going to be very effective for accountants. But for artists, musicians, teachers, or businesses with a physical location like stores or restaurants, Facebook Live can make a huge difference.”

If you’re interested in social broadcasting, figure out first whether it’s right for your message and audience. “Don’t do video just because it’s popular and everybody else is doing it,” Sarah says. “Do it because you understand the people you’re trying to talk to and what kind of content they want to see. Do it because you’re trying to share something and make it easier on them.

“Maybe this is an easy way for them to listen to you while they do something else. The idea is to do it in a way that’s not just wasting your energy. You’re producing something deliberately, not randomly.”

Plan Ahead

With any video you put out there, decide beforehand what you’re trying to accomplish and then let people know what you’ll be talking about and when. If you decide to live-broadcast regularly, pick a schedule — say, Tuesdays at noon —— and stick to it. Your fans will get into the habit of checking in at the regular time.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to produce video good enough for a live broadcast, but a decent tripod and mic will go a long way. Tripods for mobile devices can be had for $20, a mic for $40.

Once you go live, all the preparation in the world won’t matter if people can’t hear you. Test your mic before you start. And remember people will comment on your video as you’re streaming. First thing you should do is touch base with them. “Make sure everybody can hear your audio,” Sarah says. “I’ve seen people launch into a live video with people in the chat saying, ‘We can’t hear the audio!’ the whole time they’re talking.”

Kick it Off Right

Sarah suggests starting a live broadcast by introducing yourself and saying something like, “Hey, can everybody hear me? Is everybody feeling good?” Wait for the all-clear before you start. Figure out how to engage with the live chat. If you plan to demonstrate a jewelry-making technique and won’t be able to address questions, get someone to do it for you. Or mention at the beginning that you will check in every 10-15 minutes to answer questions. “If you just ignore the live chat, people will disappear,” Benoit says.

Jewelry Business Free Help

Facebook is pushing this tool right now so they offer a lot of free promotion for early adopters. If I log into Facebook during business hours, I often see alerts that colleagues of mine are broadcasting live. “It really stands out in the feed when you’re live-streaming,” Sarah says. “It’s an awesome opportunity if you have the type of business people can participate in.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use this platform effectively, check out the tips and free webinars offered by Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith.

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