Eye Candy: The Latest Crystal Creations and Jewelry Components from Swarovski

Press Release: INNOVATIONS for Spring/Summer 2015 Crystal Jewelry Designs

Swarovski's sparkling new range of crystal cuts, colors, and effects for Spring/Summer 2015 echoes the season's theme, 'Traces of Time'. It mirrors today's phenomenon of aging societies, with new definitions of age that impact on consumer desires and lifestyles, and influence aesthetic choices and design. This massive social shift is captured in Swarovski's new-season assortments, and the scope for creativity and imagination will amaze crystal aficionados.  


New colors and effects

Monochromatic opaques, tone-on-tones shades, and opal hues create an exciting modern look this season, perfect for asymmetric designs that mix crystals, acrylic and pearls. New effects include Crystal Iridescent Green, a mysterious metallic blue-green dual-tone effect that suits both traditional and modern designs. Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl's gold-green, semi-matt pearl coating adds shimmer to opulent vintage styles in jewelry and accessories. Inspired by the Mandarin garnet gemstone, the romantic, sunset-tinged Tangerine color looks elegant with brown and gold, and refined with soft green and blue.


Sparkling new products

The sculptural, chaton-cut XIRIUS Raindrop Pendant is a true original, perfect for attention-grabbing jewelry and accessories, both elegant and futuristic. Viewed from above, it has a classic look; viewed from below, a kaleidoscopic 3D effect comes into play. Pavé Balls' myriad tiny spherical crystals, which come in a wild array of colors, offer easy, versatile sophistication to a huge range of jewelry designs.

The season's innovations also include a unique new masterpiece that recalls the dark glamour of ancient cultures: the delicately cut Skull Bead, made from a single piece of crystal. With a top-down hole perfect for beading, this design icon comes in blue and black tones, gleaming metallics, and eye-catching effects such as Crystal Astral Pink and Crystal Aurora Borealis (AB). Ideal when used as a charm, it also creates darkly alluring designs for bags, belts, or statement rings; and when combined with natural materials and other beads, it also exudes a tribal feel. Versatile, exclusive, and modern, the confident and elegant new Cushion Fancy Stone is perfect used together with the Trilliant Fancy Stone.


Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski, Crystalactite Pendants, Designer Edition

Since 1988, Paris-based Maison Martin Margiela has become famous for its collaborative team-led approach and its avant-garde transformation of classic designs. In July 2013, it presented the Maison Martin Margiela Crystalactite for Swarovski at its Paris Haute Couture show. These were groundbreaking Crystal Fusion components inspired by natural stalactite forms and developed in creative partnership with Swarovski. Now Swarovski presents its interpretation of this innovative cut in pure crystal: the Crystalactite Pendants (right and below). Featuring a progressive aesthetic combining partly frosted facets with primeval, irregular icicle shapes, the vision that originated in our wildest landscapes has now been perfected by one of the most sophisticated design houses. Together with an easy-to-apply hole at the top, the Grand and Petite Pendants offer myriad design possibilities for strong, contemporary designs, and for recreating haute-couture looks.



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