Exploring Epoxy Clay: Make Artistic Jewelry Quickly and Easily with Heidi Kummli

There are basically three kinds of clays used in making jewelry; metal clay, polymer clay, and epoxy clay. Polymer clay and metal clay have grown into their own places in the industry, but many people aren’t aware of the joys of epoxy clay, yet!

epoxy clay jewelry by Nunn Design

The first time I used epoxy clay, I was amazed by its super adhesiveness. You can put a. Ball of epoxy clay in a bezel and press just about anything into it, and when the clay is cured, that thing–whatever it was–ain’t comin’ out! So you can use epoxy clay to bezel (it literally creates a bezel around a form) and bezel set just about anything–shells, gems, coins, button, crystals, pebbles, etc. And if you stick eye pins into the clay before it cures, you’ll have easy pendants or charms in minutes.


But there’s more to epoxy clay than just a glue alternative. You can create faux intaglios and the look of tooled leather when you stamp in it. You can mold, cut, texture, paint, mosaic, and carve it–and much more. Learn all about epoxy clay and how to use it in jewelry making in our live web seminar:

Exploring Epoxy Clay: Make Jewelry Fast & Easy with Heidi Kummli

Wednesday, July 8 at 1pm ET


Reserve your spot now, and if you can’t make it live, don’t worry–register now and you’ll receive a link to the recording to watch at your convenience after the live event.

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