Easy & Economical: Make Lorelei Eurto's Threaded Spool Earrings Plus 10 Wire Jewelry Projects

For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing some serious deep cleaning in my studio. Now every surface, every storage container, every box and bin has been sorted and all the bits and pieces–crystals, beads, gems, ribbon snippets, wire coils, paper bits, and found objects–are in their places. That is an incredibly good feeling! At least it was, for the 34 minutes it lasted.

But it wasn't a wasted effort. I wouldn't say I'm in "Hoarders" territory, but I am an economically minded, super thrifty person (in most cases, pearls excluded) who saves things that could be useful someday. If I had a past life, it must have been honing these skills during the Depression. So now in addition to a full recycle bin, quite a bit of free space, and the sense of order and accomplishment that decluttering brings, I've also got a lot of freshly discovered stuff for making jewelry: bits of ribbon, interesting little glass and metal things. You know, things that were once keepsakes but you no longer remember why, but it's still cool, so we'll make something with it. And they're all in their rightful places! For now. . . .

easy earrings with beads, wire, cord, and bead caps by Lorelei Eurto

Speaking of being economical and using cool things from your stash (see what I did there?) . . . For me, economical means using things you have to their fullest and not having to buy a lot of special things to complete a task. This project by Nunn Design Innovation Team designer Lorelei Eurto is a great example of that. There aren't many tools or supplies involved, and the ones she uses are ones that most every jewelry maker has on hand. Two pairs of beads, some ribbon or cord, some ear wires, some head pins, some bead caps, and voila! You have easy and economical but also stylish and pretty earrings. Perfect for a handmade gift or for you to make now and wear tonight! Here's how.

Threaded Spools Earrings
By Lorelei Eurto for Nunn Design's Innovation Team


2 copper ear wires
2 Nunn Design copper rope jump rings
2 copper 2" head pins
2 round glass 6mm beads (purple)
2 Nunn Design copper spool beads
2 Nunn Design copper bead caps
2 Nunn Design copper flower bead caps
2 glass round 8mm beads (turquoise)
12" four-ply waxed linen cord (lavender)
round-nose pliers
chain-nose pliers


earrings with cord on spool beads by Lorelei Eurto  

1. To make the threaded spools: Cut linen cording into two sections, each 6" long. Leaving a tail about 1" long, wrap the cording around a spool several times, covering the inside of the spool.

knot cord on spool beads for earrings 2. Tie the ends together into a double overhand knot and trim off excess. Repeat for the second spool.
Lorelei Eurto's easy earrings with beads, wire, cord, and bead caps

3. On one head pin, string a turquoise glass bead, a floral bead cap, a regular bead cap, a threaded spool, and a purple glass bead.

wrap loop on end of head pin for earrings

4. Form a wrapped loop on the end beneath the purple glass bead using round-nose pliers. Tuck in the wire end using chain nose pliers. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other earring.

close jump ring for earrings

5. Open a rope jump ring and add the wrapped-loop-end of your earring component onto it. Close the jump ring tightly. Repeat for the second earring.

attach earrings to ear wires

6. Gently open the ear wire and slip on the jump ring. Close the ear wire gently using chain-nose pliers. Repeat for the second earring.

Could that be any quicker, easier, or cuter? Thanks to Lorelei and Nunn Design for this project.

If you'd like more easy and economical jewelry-making projects, check out 10 Easy and Economical Wire Jewelry Projects, an eBook that's packed with projects for making stylish jewelry that won't break your budget (they average out to $1 each!), from our friends at Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry magazine.

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