Don’t Just Take My Word for It: 5 Reasons Why Jewelry Makers Love the New Wire + Metal Book

Try as I might, I can’t tell you all of the fabulous things to be found in new jewelry-making books and videos. It’s exciting to see what other jewelry-making bloggers, experts, and teachers think. I love reading their reviews about our products, especially when they discover fabulous things in them that I missed!

Band It! ring by Cassie Donlen
Band It! ring by Cassie Donlen

So I decided to rely on a few of these jewelry-making bloggers and experts to share how ideal Denise Peck’s and Jane Dickerson’s new book Wire + Metal is for beginning and intermediate metalsmiths. Here are just 5 of the reasons that Jean Yates (Snap Out of It, Jean! blog) and Cyndi Lavin ( blog) love Wire + Metal.

1.  It was written just for beginners. “The reader should understand the excellent background work and groundwork that went into this truly fine effort. He or she will want to be aware that leading up to the projects is a very comprehensive and well organized set of chapters on everything one could possibly want to know in order to make the projects.” –Jean

Shattered necklace by Denise Peck
Shattered necklace by Denise Peck

2. The techniques required to make the projects in the book are in the book. “There are eight chapters that cover all the basic information you need to get started, including metal types, proper gauge and hardness, tools, and techniques . . . The basics chapters will teach you about measuring and cutting properly, annealing with flame, texturing metal, forming it (both sheet metal and wire), creating cold connections, adding patinas, and finishing your pieces.” –Cyndi

3. The projects are beginner level–but they don’t look it! The back of Wire + Metal states, “The stunning contemporary designs in Wire + Metal make even a novice look like a pro.” Jean agrees, writing, “This is exactly the impression I have reading Wire + Metal! Wire lover that I am, I found plenty to love about this book. Additionally, as a curious learner, I found this to be a vibrant new collection of techniques . . . gathered FOR a person like me, in this one super place!”

5 reasons why jewelry makers love the new book by Jane Dickerson, Wire + Metal and why you will too when you get your copy, such as the enchanted bangle by Cassie Donlen.
Enchanted bangle by Cassie Donlen

4. It covers all the metalworking basics in a logical order. “If you work your way through (the basic) chapters, you will pick up almost all the techniques that will be used in the 30 projects that follow. There are a few additional techniques that are covered along the way, in a bit more detail as needed, but everything else will already be under your belt.” –Cyndi

5. You don’t need a lot of expensive tools. “Another thing I particularly like about Wire + Metal: 30 Easy Metalsmithing Designs is that you don’t have to own, or go out and purchase, an entire forge or smithy to make these projects!” –Jean

5 reasons why jewelry makers love the new book by Jane Dickerson, Wire + Metal and why you will too when you get your copy, such as the Camelot necklace by Jane Dickerson.
Camelot necklace by Jane Dickerson

Wire + Metal was written just for introductory-level metalsmiths and folks who already work with wire but want to expand their skills and add a bit of metal to their designs–without buying a fortune in tools or dealing with a big torch. It’s already a best-selling craft book; order the book or instantly download your copy of Wire + Metal and see why!

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