Distinctive and Unmistakable: Discover the Ancient Art of Mokume Gane and Learn to Make Your Own Billets

Lexi Erickson's Plate Tectonics brass and copper mokume gane and sterling silver pendant; hand fabricated. Viking knit chain. From Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, December 2009.

Nothing looks quite like mokumé gané. Though the patterns and color bands can be essentially limitless in variety, mokumé gané has a distinctive, unmistakable look. Once you've seen it, you know it when you see it!

I always enjoy seeing Roger Halas' and James Binnion's beautiful mokumé gané work in my Facebook feed. You can see some of Roger's designs in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine as well as here on JMD, and you can get a great introduction to mokumé gané in this primer from Lexi Erickson.

To learn to make your own mokumé gané billets the traditional way as well as an alternative, more accessible way, pre-order or instantly download our newest metalsmithing video tutorial, Mokumé Gané with Chris Ploof. Bonus: When you pre-order or instantly download the Mokumé Gané video, you'll get the July 2011 digital issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine FREE! Use your new mokumé gané skills to craft the beautifully patterned metal pendant on the cover.

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