Design Sellable Jewelry: Get Expert Advice on Designing Jewelry That Will Sell

I see folks talking asking these questions all the time: Should I make what I like or what seems to be selling for other jewelry makers? How do I know what customers want? How can I make jewelry that will sell?

If you're a jewelry maker who'd also like to make money selling the jewelry you make, it's a tough choice between following your designer's heart and your budget needs. And if you aren't full of ideas of what to make, where can you find ideas for jewelry designs that will sell? So many questions–but Anne Potter has the answers!

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1pm ET on February 25, 2015

Designing Jewelry That Will Sell with Anne Potter

  Every jewelry maker should know how to design jewelry that will sell, and expert Anne Potter shows you how in her new, live web seminar.

In her live web seminar, Designing Jewelry That Will Sell, Anne approaches the topic in three ways: designing jewelry to sell, presenting jewelry to sell, and where to sell jewelry that will sell. Learn how to define your design style and your ideal customer, how to identify the two kinds of trends and what to do with that information, and how to improve on factors like wearability, branding, "buyability," and more. You'll learn to identify your own jewelry market niche, build a customer base, and understand important factors like presentation in addition to the best designs.

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P.S. Can't make the live event? Don't worry! Your registration comes with access to the archived version of the program for one year, so you can watch and learn at your convenience. And remember, in all Jewelry Making Daily web seminars, no question goes unanswered! You can ask your own jewelry selling questions at the end of the seminar and get Anne's expert response.

Learn more about Anne Potter

Anne Potter has been successfully selling jewelry on Etsy for six years and has over 2,700 sales. In the last few years, she has expanded her sales platform to galleries, art fairs, trunk shows, and wholesale contracts, giving her a broad understanding of selling jewelry in different venues. Always inspired by global design, her designs have appeared in Interweave publications for many years. Anne specializes in wearable, on-trend jewelry. She lives and designs in Illinois with her husband and five children. Get to know her a little more with our Q&A below.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I am a self-taught artist and mother of five. When not making jewelry and shipping out orders, I like to knit, run, and attend my kids' sporting events. I'm an introvert but no one believes me because I talk a lot.

Q: Where are you from originally, and where do you currently live?

A: I grew up just outside of Chicago IL in a suburb called Park Ridge. I currently live in Champaign, IL: my husband and I went to school here at the University of Illinois and decided to stay.

Q: What do you do besides jewelry making? (What's your day job?)

A: I am a stay-at-home mom, so my artistic live intertwines with my real life all day long.

Q: How and when did you start making jewelry?

A: I still have beads that I bought 25 years ago. I have been creative all my life, sewing and drawing for as long as I can remember, and I've beaded for a long time, too. I think I actually turned to jewelry-making as my main medium in the last five or six years, though.

Every jewelry maker should know how to design jewelry that will sell, and expert Anne Potter shows you how in her new, live web seminar.  

Q: Do you prefer to work from patterns or design your own?

A: I always design my own pieces, but I am continually inspired by other jewelry designers. From Stringing magazine to Etsy to Anthropologie, there are too many beautiful designs out there!

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Global chic. It's sort of a refined bohemian style.

Q: What other creative pursuits do you enjoy?

A: So many! I love to knit, crochet, quilt and needlepoint. And (like everyone on Pinterest) I don't think I'll ever be done decorating my house!

Q: Tell us about your studio… what kind of space inspires you?

A: I'm in the process of improving my studio space right now. Currently it's a corner of the basement with fluorescent lighting. What I am moving toward, though, is a beautiful place to create: wicker baskets of beads and yarn, and drawers of ephemera and findings, all on a wall of ebony black shelves. I plan to paint the walls, hang up my own artwork, and bring in beautiful task lighting. And I'd love to have a bench dedicated to benchwork like soldering, resin, riveting and high-temp metalwork.

Q: What's your jewelry-making secret weapon?

A: My favorite tool is my flat-nose pliers. Without those, I'm literally out of business! But as far as beads, I incorporate Thai cornerless cube beads into a lot of my projects. They're subtle enough to fill in here and there, but their facets catch the light creating just the right amount of sparkle.

Q: How do you stay motivated on long projects?

A: Planning a Beading Night with another beading friend is the only way I can work on some of the larger projects that I design. I lack the discipline and focus to "just get to those", so I bribe myself into long-haul work with a fun night of talking and beading and margaritas with a good girlfriend.

Q: What has been your favorite project recently?

A: I was designing a necklace recently that really stumped me for a long time. I knew what I wanted, but could not figure out how to configure the different components–a rolled metal tube, some decorative chain, and some beaded dangles – to get the effect I was after. I went for a run, came back to the necklace and pulled it all together. It turned out just like I wanted and I was thrilled!

Q: What's your favorite thing you've made for a customer?

A: Recently I've been offering customers the opportunity to make their own "collage" necklaces with pendants that I make, assembled on chain. Customers pick out as many pendants and dangles and charms as they like and I put them all together. It has been so cool seeing the customized pieces that they've come up with! Such personality and such style!

Q: What would your dream studio look like?

A: It would be a lovely space with hardwood floors, a wall of ample storage, and a flood of natural light. And if it's not asking too much, I'd like it overlooking a Caribbean cove.

Q: How has owning a business influenced your process?

A: It has forced me to professionalize the creative process, and that's been good for me. With orders and deadlines and budgets that can't be ignored, I now design and work more effectively, more efficiently. And my customer has become more important to my designs.

Q: What's your current creative soundtrack?

A: The Avett Brothers!

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