Decluttering the Jewelry Studio, Step 1: Get Digital Magazine Subscriptions

I'm not sure why there is an endless fascination with seeing other people's jewelry and design studios, but I'm as guilty as the next guy. It's such a popular topic that we have a quarterly Studios magazine!

My corner . . . and this is really neat right now!

I don't know about you, but I get real vicarious pleasure out of seeing people's studios that are neat, orderly, and user-friendly. Those gorgeous photographs of artists' studio rooms with sofas and built-in shelves and cabinets just make me drool!

When we bought this house seven years ago, I had such grand plans to transform the largest room on the third floor into a massive jewelry-making studio. (It was even big enough for a sofa!) But I quickly discovered it was too cold in the winter and WAY too hot in the summer. Not to mention it was way too far from snacks and drinks in the kitchen, and hubby! So lonely!

So now we share the spare room on the second floor; I make jewelry in one corner at my craft table and he's in the opposite corner on his computer. And the room is a disaster! Even with all my good intentions, my IKEA storage, rolling sets of drawers for jewelry-making supplies, and magnetic wallboards and corkboards.

  There's no more room!

It was clear that the top of the shelf units would house my collection of jewelry-making magazines, which I neatly organized by year in nice IKEA magazine holders. But, well, the top of the wall unit filled up pretty fast! How many years should we save of our treasured magazines? I don't know about you, but I cannot part with any of them . . . which is why I was absolutely thrilled when we started offering our magazines in a digital format this year!

Here's the best part . . . you can subscribe to our magazines, such as Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry, through Zinio now. You can either download them to your computer OR just keep them in your Zinio account online, and then you can view your magazines from anywhere in the world, on any computer or tablet! So you can carry all your jewelry-making projects with you and access them anytime, anywhere you want! Couple that with our CD/DVD compilations of past years, and I see the top of my wall unit cleaned off very soon! Not that it will stay that way for long. . . .  


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