Dapped and Wrapped: Make Stylish Wire and Metal Earrings in Minutes

Just in time for holiday gift-giving, here's a quick and fun earring-making project, courtesy of our friends at Fusion Beads. With wrapped wire and textured and dapped metal, they're stylish and modern but not difficult to make, so you can set up a little elf-style assembly line and make several one-of-a-kind pairs of these earrings for all the beloved girls in your life this year.  


Twists and Disks Earrings
by Cody Westfall, Jewelry Designer for Fusion Beads


two 9mm sterling silver round stamping components (SS8581)
two 11mm sterling silver round stamping components (SS8569)
12mm sterling silver ear wires (SS4036)
3" 10-gauge fine silver wire (FW0108)
10" 18-gauge fine silver wire (FW0109)
bench block helper with steel and nylon blocks (TL1902)
Tronex ergonomic razor flush cutter w/long handle (TL1643)
1.25mm metal hole-punch pliers (TLl2242)
Cool Cup soldering cup w/ tweezers (TL2291)
19-piece dap & die set (TLl2290)
3-piece needle file set (TL1003)
chasing hammer
butane micro torch
nylon-jaw pliers
liver of sulfur (optional)

Note: The numbers shown in parentheses above correspond to FusionBeads.com product numbers, if you need help locating those products.



1. Cut a 1-1/2" piece of 10-gauge fine silver wire. Make sure the wire has flush cuts on both ends.

2. Using the flat, broad side of your chasing hammer, hammer the piece of fine silver flat until it is about 3/16" wide.

3. Note that the wire doesn't have to be perfectly shaped, as this design calls for a more organic look.

4. File the edges as needed to remove burrs and round the corners.

5. You should now have a nice piece of flattened metal with rounded edges.

6. Using a metal hole punch, punch holes in both ends of the flattened wire. One hole will be for attaching the ear wire, and the other will be for attaching the disks and ball-end wire.

7. Also punch holes in the center of both of the 9mm and 11mm metal disks.

8. Using a dapping set, dap both of the disks so that the smaller disk fits inside the larger disk.

9. Cut about 5" of 18-gauge fine silver with flush cuts on both ends. Using a butane torch, ball one end of the wire until you have made a large ball and quench.

10. Thread the dapped discs onto the ball-end wire and then insert the wire end through one of the holes that you punched into the flattened wire in Step 6.

11. You should have the disks stacked inside of each other with the ball-end wire in the center.

12. Then randomly wrap the rest of the wire up and around the flattened metal until you are about 1/4" from the top hole.

13. Using nylon-jaw pliers, gently compress the wrapped wire to the flattened metal.

14. Attach the ear wire through the top hole.

15. Repeat Steps 1 through 14 to make the second earring. (Editor's note: Make one more for a pendant to complete the suite; just attach a bail instead of an ear wire!)

16. Optional: Use liver of sulfur to antique the earrings.

Who wouldn't love to receive a pair of these dangly earrings that you made with your own two hands? They're a perfect gift any time of year. Earrings in particular are a perfect jewelry gift because they always fit! Learn to make 101 pairs of earrings in Denise Peck's 101 Wire Earrings book, and get even more earring ideas in 101 Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings.


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