Roaring ’20s Style Chain Maille Jewelry Making: Make Dancing Chains Earrings with Moonstones

Combine chain maille jewelry making and moonstones for a Roaring Twenties earring style

By Kylie Jones

I read that forgetting to wear your conversation starter big earrings was as bad as leaving your phone at home for a whole day. Really? So I tried to design some earrings that were worthy of the idea.

ABOVE: The Dancing Chains chain maille earring project appears in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, March/April 2018.

These earrings are reminiscent of 1920s style with decorations and embellishments that move with your body and reflect the light, perfect for dancing.

What You Need

Basic chain maille jewelry making

10mm stone beads, 6
Fine 3 x 2 mm sterling silver chain, 18″ (45cm)
20g AWG (0.8mm) ID ⅛” (3.25mm) jump rings, 70
22g AWG (0.6mm) 2.5″ (60mm) headpin, 2
20g AWG (0.8mm) sterling silver wire for the ear wires, 4-5″ (12cm)

flat-nose pliers, 2 sets; round-nose pliers; chain-nose pliers; wire cutters; mandrel to make ear wires; hammer and steel block or tumbler to work-harden ear wires


Roaring Twenties Style Dancing Chains Chain Maille Earrings with Moonstones

Roaring Twenties Style Dancing Chains Chain Maille Earrings with Moonstones
By: Kylie Jones, from the March/April 2018 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Chain Maille Jewelry Making: Advice from Kylie
  • As you add rings, your work will start to pull into a tight circle; to make adding the rings easier, you can put it on a dowel or pencil.
  • An uneven number of links makes centering easier.
  • Make the columns of your earrings slightly different lengths to add some interest.

KYLIE JONES is a jewelry maker from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She loves chain maille jewelry making because it is low-tech and has infinite possibilities. More of Kylie’s designs can be seen at

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