Crowdfunding for Jewelry Artists with Pam East: How to Raise Funds to Fulfill Your Jewelry Dreams

Imagine having an idea and trying to raise $5,000 to make it become a reality. Challenging, right?

Now imagine not raising $5,000 but four times that much instead!

That's what happened to Pam East, jewelry artist and entrepreneur, when she set out to raise funding for instructional videos about enameling on metal clay. The response she got was fabulous, and now we've partnered with her to teach you how to raise funds for your own jewelry-related dreams.

  • Want to start your own online store?
  • Want to outfit your studio with new tools or take professional jewelry-making courses?
  • Need an expensive new kiln or lapidary equipment?
  • Want to create instructional jewelry-making books, online courses, or videos, like Pam did?

Join our "Crowdfunding for Jewelry Artists" live web seminar

on Wednesday, March 19, at 1pm ET

to get clever ideas for raising the funds you need to make your jewelry-making dreams come true! You'll learn strategies for creating successful campaigns using online fundraising platforms like Kickstarter to achieve the funding you need and meet your financing goals.

(Don't worry if you can't make it at that time; with your registration, you'll receive a link to download the entire presentation soon after it happens, so you can still learn all you need to know about crowdsourcing.)

Register for Pam's live web seminar to learn:

  • what crowdfunding is and how you can use it to finance your business goals and dreams
  • how to set up a successful fundraising campaign
  • how to choose the right goal or product to benefit from crowdfunding
  • what do to after you've reached your fundraising goals, and more.
Blue Green Dream enameled clay pendant by Pam East
Pam's Blue Green Dream enameled silver clay pendant

Don't leave thousands of dollars on the table and out of your bank account! Join Pam on Wednesday, March 19, at 1pm ET, and learn to get the money you need to make your jewelry-making dreams come true!

Attend the web seminar to get answers to these questions and more:

  • What is crowdfunding? What are some of the crowdfunding sites?
  • Do I actually have a product that would benefit from crowdfunding?
  • Is my idea unique enough? Do I have a large enough following to take advantage of crowdfunding?
  • How do I set up a successful crowdfunding campaign? How much should I ask for?
  • Why would people want to give me money? What rewards will they get?
  • How do I get the word out about my crowdfunding campaign?
  • What happens after I achieve my funding goals?

BONUS: You'll also receive a coupon for 30% off any of the other jewelry web seminars so you can jump-start your jewelry business with crucial information!


Pam East

About the Artist and Presenter, Pam East

Pam East is an internationally known artist, writer and teacher. She has been an enamelist since 1997, and was named an Art ClayTM Master Instructor in 2005. She is one of only nine Master Instructors in the USA.

Pam has appeared on the highly acclaimed Carol Duvall Show on HGTV, and Jewelry Making on the DIY Network. Her work and instructional articles have appeared in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Metal Clay Artist, Art Jewelry, Glass on Metal, and many other magazines. Her book Enameling on Metal Clay is considered the definitive resource for enameling on silver clay.

Pam has been an invited speaker, giving classes and lectures at the Enamellist Society Biennial Conference, the Metal Clay World Conference, and the Pan-European Metal Clay Festival.

"My philosophy can probably best be summed up by Share the Joy. I love working with Art Clay and Enamels, and there's nothing I enjoy more than sharing my enthusiasm with my students," Pam says. "Fun, I have found, is contagious. In my teaching, articles, and appearances, I have always worked towards making these art forms as accessible as possible to a wide audience. Even while maintaining a high standard of excellence, making beautiful jewelry need not be difficult or expensive."

Born and raised in Southern California, Pam now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, daughter, and wonder dogs Porsche & Ferrari.

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