Crossover Crafts: Mixed-Media Jewelry Making from Cloth Paper Scissors

Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like looking at mixed-media art and jewelry–and mixed-media art jewelry is even better! I love the freedom mixed-media art and jewelry gives me to mix favorite materials from all of my crafts. Having been a crafter for most of my life and having a (very fortunate) career in crafting almost half my life, I've dabbled in every craft you can imagine–and I have the out-of-control craft room full of supplies to prove it!

I've given up on trying to keep jewelry making on one side of the studio and paper crafting on the other. I've set my new work table in the middle of the room and whatever I like best at the moment ends up there. Then whether it gets used in jewelry, paper crafts, assemblage, or whoknowswhat is up to whimsy.

Lately, that's Christmas tree ornaments and jewelry for gifts. This year, I wanted to exercise my love of paper and found objects but also pull in my new loves: resin and some fibers. For inspiration, I checked out some of the talented mixed-media jewelry in the galleries at Jewelry Making Daily's sister site, Cloth Paper Scissors. Here are some of my favorites, with descriptions by their creators.


Bird Song Necklace by Thespoena
"Bird Song is a compilation of vintage jewelry parts and pieces as well as new chain, findings, and beads. I began with the antique brass compact and drilled holes in the top and bottom. I flattened out large brass jump rings and refashioned them to fit through the holes and attach to the jump rings that connect the different parts of the necklace. For the focal piece I fit a vintage watch crystal into a vintage brass frame, glued the word 'bird' to it, sprinkled some antique glass glitter into it and then glued a bird image from an old book onto the back. That whole piece was then attached to the front of the compact case and the glitter shimmers and shakes and rolls around under the crystal. For the dangle I attached pieces of a vintage rhinestone necklace atop old paper that was glued to a metal background. The word 'song' was glued on and then I punched holes in the dangle and attached it to the focal piece with jump rings. I then added some beads and an old locket to the bottom of the dangle. The chain was made using jump rings and glass seed beads then attached to the focal piece with jump rings. The inside of the compact has a small collage made of old papers, paint, and fabric with the definition of 'listen' cut from an old dictionary as the final layer, I also added an vintage rhinestone. The old steel mirror is still intact inside the top." —Thespoena


Fairy Pendant Fuse Box by smARTaeck studio

"The definition for 'fairy' was cut out of a dictionary and glued to the back of the inside of the box. The fairy's ball was replaced with a flower and she was given wings (after all what's a fairy without wings?). Holes were drilled in the sides of the metal box and wire inserted to hold the cord necklace. Holes were drilled in the bottom of the box so leaves and flowers could be added to dangle. The back was sanded and stamped. One thing got glued to another and this pendant was born." —smARTaleck studio


Lipstick Ring by Jen@207

"Ring made from papers coated in ICE Resin and rolled into a sculptural form. Reminds me of a lipstick tube art piece that one might come across at a contemporary gallery or museum." —Jen@207


Vintage Tin Pins by jeanhaefele

"Pins created from vintage (1930s and 1940s) product tins, cut, filed and assembled. Eyes are riveted, legs, tails are pounded aluminum wire. Each pin is backed with ultra suede and a pin back. Dogs have a tiny chain collar." —jeanhaefele


Joyful Bird with Nest Quilted Necklace by chevreau

"This necklace showcases a bird charm flying over her nest of eggs. The 'Joy' charm sets the tone to this colorful pendant. The entire piece is hand sewn with various gorgeous ribbons and then embellished with glass beads and embroidery thread. I approach my pendants like a collage: I 'blend' the ribbons in the background with charms, beads and embroidery accents to create one cohesive story or feeling." —chevreau


Inspiring, aren't they? Mixed-media is the kind of jewelry that is nearly impossible to recreate, because what are the chances of finding the same hodge-podge of materials? But that doesn't stop me from being inspired by it and learning special elements from it to use in my own creations.

For more inspiring mixed-media jewelry projects–including tips and step-by-step instructions for making many of them using a variety of materials, such as resin, paper, fibers, and found objects–check out Handcrafted Jewelry. You can download it now through December 15, 2011, for an amazing 10 cents!


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