Create a Top Jewelry Website: What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

In the last ten years, mobile search traffic has skyrocketed. Gone are the days of only considering how your website looks on a desktop device. Today, users are searching for content on the go on their mobile devices, and you need to make sure that your website loads quickly for these users. The Google supported program AMP is one way to do this.

What are accelerated mobile pages (AMP)?

AMP pages are an open source HTML program through Google that allow it to store your website data and display it instantly for users on a mobile device. But why should you use AMP?

  • For starters Google rewards websites that are mobile friendly and particularly rewards those that choose to use AMP.
  • Because AMP is a Google program, it means that if you begin using the feature, your site will (supposedly) rank higher on Google. More importantly, because your website loads so quickly, your customers will have a better experience surfing your site on their mobile devices.
  • Anyone, no matter the industry, can install AMP on their website. If you use WordPress as your content management system, there are numerous plugins you can use that will automatically index your pages. If you use a different content management system, there may be other app options for you to install as well. If not, talking to someone about correctly writing code for you to add to your site may be wise to do.

Ashley Lauwereins is a marketing professional by day and a jewelry designer for her own business Fifth Essence Jewelry by night. She resides in Colorado where she also enjoys hiking, running, and drinking craft beer.

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