How to Create a Target Persona for Your Jewelry Business

In marketing, a target persona allows a business to know exactly who they are selling to and what language they should use to achieve this. As a jewelry designer, the same concepts apply to your jewelry business.

Here are the steps you can take to create a target persona for your jewelry business.

Jewelry Business: Research Your Past and Current Customers

The first step to creating your own target persona is research of past and current customers. The easiest way to conduct the research is to create a survey that you’ll distribute to your customers. This survey will seek to determine what specific needs your jewelry fills.

Take this opportunity to also understand what your customers appreciate about your design style. Add questions about what styles of jewelry they like or what materials they enjoy wearing.

While you have your customer’s attention, you can also ask questions tied to the marketing efforts you’ve established for your jewelry business. These kinds of questions can ask about your product descriptions online, the photos you use, and even your social media efforts. If you send emails, ask about the content you include. If they see you selling jewelry at craft shows, ask them what they like about the venue or space.

Be as specific as possible, and focus on the why or motives of your customers versus their actions. Make sure your questions seek to understand their goals and motivations.

You’ll distribute this survey to your customers, both past and present, through email, online on social media, or even with a flyer that includes an online link. To encourage participation, you may consider offering a discount to those who participate or enter participants into a drawing to win a prize.

Jewelry Business: Build Your Personas

Once you have all your survey responses, it’s time to start analyzing the data. Group similar answers together. These similarities help show you who your different personas are.

Once you’ve grouped the data, you’ll begin building out the individual personas. To build out a target persona, you’ll want to be as detailed as possible. A few important details to include:

  • Give your persona a name (and even a photo to go along with the data).
  • Include important demographic information (age, salary, relationship status, etc.).
  • Use real quotes from the interviews you conducted to further illustrate their wants, needs, likes, and dislikes about your jewelry.

You can also include a section for how you plan to promote to these individuals in the future. If you’ve noticed that a specific target persona prefers certain materials, be sure to not only continue using those in future designs but to also promote them in a way the persona prefers.

Build the persona out into a one-page document you can reference as often as you need as you grow your jewelry business. Don’t be afraid to be specific as you write these; this information is meant to help you market your jewelry business better and ensure you’re designing jewelry that your buyers will love!

What questions do you have about target personas? What do you think you’ll learn about your customers? Share all your questions and comments below!


Ashley Lauwereins is a marketing professional by day and a jewelry designer for her own business Fifth Essence Jewelry by night. She resides in Colorado where she also enjoys hiking, running, and drinking craft beer.

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