3 Free Copper Jewelry-Making Projects

Learn how to make copper jewelry like a pro in this FREE eBook.Click on the Download Now button or link below and get our collection of free copper jewelry-making projects! There was a time when few of us used copper for jewelry. Copper was for plumbing. But when silver prices went through the roof, we all gave copper a try, and lo’ and behold, it’s fabulous! Both copper sheet and copper wire are widely available and very affordable, and you can make your very own copper jewelry with our FREE eBook, Making Copper Jewelry: Etching, Hammering, and Wire Projects.


Almost anything you can do with silver you can do with copper. It’s a warmer looking metal than silver, and when it’s patinated, it’s truly delicious. And the bonus is, it’s easy to work with. It’s soft and easily manipulated, and takes texturing very well. When it’s work hardened, it’s tough and durable.

It’s best to finish handmade copper jewelry projects with some wax or lacquer, particularly if it will be worn next to the skin since some people have a reaction to copper. But you can finish your copper pieces in matte or shiny, with a number of products. These three projects on how to make copper jewelry show the versatility of copper—the sky’s the limit!



What Copper Jewelry Making Projects are Inside?

It’s a Perfect Match When Crystal Meets Metal in This Buckle Bracelet!

DIY crystal and copper bracelet found in our FREE eBook on copper jewelry making.
Crystal Funk by Kate Richbourg
This buckle bracelet is a perfect pairing of crystal and metal. You can use the Crafted Findings riveting tool for the rivets in this piece, or make your own if desired. this piece is perfect as a springboard for your own designs!

These Copper Wire Hearts Make a Fanciful Chain!

Learn how to make this etched copper necklace in our FREE eBook on copper jewelry making.
My Copper Heart by Christine Terhaar
This copper jewelry design is a fun way to play with balled-up wire. Now you can wear your heart on your sleeve, around your neck, dangling from your ears, and anywhere else you wish!

Forge This Native American-Influenced Etched Copper Pendant!

Learn how to make this copper pendant inspired by Native America in our FREE eBook on copper jewelry making.
Southwest Spirit Etched Pendant by Lexi Erickson
Conjure up ancient voices in contrasting metals of silver plus copper, brass or bronze! The Southwest Native Americans produce stunning designs, whether in jewelry, pottery, weaving, basketry, or fine art. This piece was influenced by a shard of Tularosa Black on White pottery, produced by the Mogollon culture of western New Mexico from about A.D. 1100–1300. The bold black designs on a white background are elegant, symbolic and timeless. You’ll connect with the roots of this piece while also creating a beautiful copper jewelry piece to dazzle all!

You’ll Love the Versatile Look of Handmade Copper Jewelry, so Learn How to Make Copper Jewelry Today!

Download your very own copy of Making Copper Jewelry: Etching, Hammering, and Wire Projects.



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