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In the October 2010 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, my Cool Tools and Hip Tips column features a selection of necklace findings and hangers inspired by antique and vintage jewelry. In the print issue, you'll find directions for hammering a forged neck ring and making a simple hook closure.

Here's how to make a simple loop finding, which you can either solder or rivet to your piece. Then you can thread a cord or ribbon through the loop to wear the piece.  You can make the loop in any metal of any gauge, but be sure to sand and finish all of the surfaces well to protect the ribbon from fraying or abrading against the sharp metal edges. 

Loops and Ribbon
In ancient Egypt and during the Baroque and Victorian periods, necklaces were often worn on simple strings or ribbon. Elongated oval loops were created on the ends of a necklace, and a ribbon was passed through the loop and tied around the neck or head to hold the piece in position.

Tools you need
Jeweler's saw, circle template or compass, drill bit and rivet wire or solder and flux, needle files and sandpaper for finishing

Photo 1 Measure the width of the ribbon or string. Draw a narrow rectangle with the long sides at the width of the ribbon. Use the circle template to round the rectangle edges on the short sides to create a slot for the ribbon.

Photo 2 Transfer the oval to metal. Add 3mm around the oval outlines. Attach a rectangle below the oval.

Photo 3 Saw out the pattern. Clean finish the edges, sand, and polish. Make a duplicate for the other side of the necklace.

Photo 4 Solder the rectangular area to the necklace or drill 2 rivet holes and rivet it to the piece.

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