Connie Fox's Working with Sheet Metal and Cold Connections

Reviewed by Helen I. Driggs
Senior Editor, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine

Making jewelry is an act of continual refinement. What's interesting about that seemingly simple observation is that there are parallel "paths" that are refined as you go. Obviously, you are refining a jewelry piece–the pendant, brooch, bracelet–through careful planning, fabrication, sanding, and finishing, but you are also refining your skills as you do so.


Often, after having made jewelry for a while, you notice that you are more and more aware of imperfections or issues that greatly disturb you–things that would never have bothered you in the past. Congratulations! You are on the right path(s), and it's important to keep going. The best thing to do at the very moment you become bothered by your own work is to go back to the beginning. Take a refresher workshop or basics course with the intention of really, really focusing on careful fabrication–which you may have done once long ago–but this time, focus on the skills you are refining, not the object you are making. Trust me, this works, and I have done it many times.

One thing is certain, whether you are a new beginner, just starting out on the path, or like me, you've been making stuff for years: the key to success when you are mastering skills is a good teacher.

Enter Connie Fox.


Learn to Work with Sheet Metal and Cold Connections is a brand-new master class from Connie that I heartily recommend–no matter how far along the jewelry-making path you are. This skill-based course has so much going for it, I wish I had a chance to take it years ago when I became frustrated with my own bench work. Here's why:

  • This is a self-paced online course for any level of jewelry maker–do the exercises when and where you want to!
  • You can sign up at any time before September 30–but you had better hurry because there are only a few "seats" left! (Editor's note: See below to learn about the second session of Connie's super popular class.)
  • Connie is a thorough, tremendous teacher and she will always be one email away from you to answer your questions or help you.
  • The course content is awesome for new skill building or review–and you will learn how to get to the next level in your jewelry making.
  • There are comprehensive instructions for creating 14 cold connections and mastering 11 essential fabrication techniques, including sawing, filing, drilling, measuring, texturing and more.
  • No matter how you learn, Connie has you covered–with text, images and video so you see, hear and practice right along with her.

Still wavering? Don't. Afraid you aren't equipped correctly? Have no fear. As a fellow teacher, my favorite thing about this course is Connie's "basics" teaching methods. She'll show you everything right from the start, including how to thread your saw, customize your bench pin, hold metal as you work it, use your tools safely, carefully and correctly–and how to use alternate methods if you haven't got a fully equipped metal shop. You can go slowly and equip as you need to. Miss something? You can go back and try again, because remember, you can pace yourself as you need to so you build those skills and develop your confidence, too!

I love cold connections, and Connie inspired me to get downstairs, sit at the bench, and try some connections I haven't played with in years. I am so excited by the potential of "telescoping" tube rivets, tabs and staples, I'm almost happy that winter is coming–so I'll have lots of time indoors to play with those connections soon. With 14 different examples to play with, I'll have plenty to practice!

What can I say? If you love making jewelry, you are interested in using sheet metal and cold connections, you want rock-solid skills, and you want to learn from a fantastic teacher, don't wait. Sign up today for Connie Fox's Master Class: Learn to Work with Sheet Metal and Cold Connections and get started right away! And, I'll see you in the "classroom."…


Connie began her cold-connections mastery with this 35-rivet cuff.

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Connie's course sold out in the first two days–so we opened up 50 more seats–and then those sold out, too! We're allowing just 20 more students to take this course, so hurry–those spots will go fast!

Update: Because Connie's class sold out THREE times, we've created a second session that begins November 5. Don't delay, reserve your spot now!

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