Master Computer-Aided Jewelry Design: How to Improve Your Work with Jewelry CAD

Do you dream of being a professional jewelry designer and moving your jewelry designs from your mind to physical jewelry? How would you like to be able to perfect a jewelry design from both a design and a structural standpoint before ever touching a tool or piece of metal? With computer-aided jewelry design and Jewelry CAD Dreams Lite software, you can do all of that and more.

What is computer-aided design?

With computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacture (CAM), jewelry design changed drastically for artisan jewelers, professional bench jewelers, and major jewelry manufacturers. Processes that would normally take many hours (too many hours to be cost effective) and require specialty tools can now be done in a fraction of the time, using a computer alone–no tools, no supplies, no waste, no frustration! CAD allows you to perfect a design’s nuances and structural issues before ever touching a piece of metal–saving you time and money. Jewelry CAD is useful for even beginner jewelry designers, and monthly subscription options make it affordable, too.

learn to use computer-aided design in our Jewelry CAD Dreams Lite class at CraftU

How can I learn more about jewelry CAD?

In Jewelry CAD Dream Lite Part 1, our newest class on CraftU, you’ll learn how to use the Jewelry CAD Dream Lite software, an affordable, “extremely capable modeling platform.” You’ll start by learning to create a simple shape using the CAD Dream Lite software, and by the end of the course, you’ll be designing professional quality, structurally sound, marketable jewelry without ever touching a tool–other than your computer mouse! (No advanced computing skills or prior jewelry knowledge is required.)

see how to turn a simple shape into a complex jewelry design using jewelry CAD

In this eight-week course, you’ll learn Jewelry CAD Dream Lite thoroughly, from the basic software interface (what happens when I click that icon?) to such mastery, you’ll be able to use it to transfer your brightest ideas from your mind to your computer screen–and ultimately to physical jewelry. You’ll even learn to tweak and refine ideas that seem nearly impossible in your mind, all by clicking a mouse–no wasted metal, no frustrating hours at the bench. You’ll create your first jewelry design, a ring shank, in lesson two. Gemstones and bezels come up in lesson three; then, watch out! Pavé, wedding bands, men’s rings, pendants, and all the jewelry you can imagine.

design a ring with a gemstone with a few mouse clicks using CAD jewelry design

You’ll learn the right way to build a jewelry design so that your models can be successful and your ultimate jewelry designs will be better overall. You’ll also learn how CAD can help you build and maintain a cost-effective virtual inventory and provide customers with a unique customized and/or interactive design process. And here’s a huge bonus: Throughout the course, you’ll get to use the Jewelry CAD Dream Lite software ($2,850 retail value) for no added cost, allowing you to practice what you learn in the actual environment.

When is the online CAD course?

Jewelry CAD Dream Lite Part 1 begins June 20 and lasts for eight weeks. You’ll have the opportunity to learn one lesson at a time in your own environment, at a leisurely pace, with the course ending August 12.

Who is the jewelry CAD instructor?

After graduating college with a degree in physics, Arran Sly searched for a creative outlet that would also maintain his interest in computing and problem solving. Jewelry CAD was the perfect fit. Working under a classic jeweler with over 30 years at the bench and over 15 years in CAD, Arran developed his love for the industry. Now, he and his mentor have created the Jewelry CAD Academy. With an intricate knowledge of both bench work and software, jewelry CAD is a unique opportunity for people to learn how to design jewelry the right way.

learn CAD jewelry design and how to turn a simple spiral into a pave set pendant“Students will be brought up to speed quickly while maintaining a deep understanding of why we do things the way we do,” Arran says. “The essential aim of this course is to provide confidence in one’s abilities with CAD, so that new opportunities can be embraced with zeal. Costs can be cut by learning how to create a virtual inventory of ultra-realistic rendered designs; building for order means no need for live goods. Time can be saved by discovering how easy it is to build intricate designs with CAD that would otherwise take many hours of careful labor in wax. Realizing the benefits of CAD allows users to open up the doorway of custom design, creating entirely original and unique pieces.”

Where do I sign up?

With CAD, you can create more complex designs, maintain a virtual inventory, easily correct mistakes, provide endless customization and alterations for your customers, and so much more. If you’re ready to expand your jewelry design capabilities and add a new feather in your jewelry education cap, join us for Jewelry CAD Dream Lite Part 1. It’s a great next step in your jewelry-making journey! Learn more, watch a free video preview, and sign up to reserve your spot at Craft U!

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