Colorful Simple Chain Maille: Make Handmade Roller-Girl Earrings in Minutes

Sara Richardson's Roller-Girl Earrings.
Photo by Jim Lawson.

Finally, a chain maille project that even I can sit still long enough to complete! Awhile back, Sara Richardson's colorful chain maille earrings project wowed Karla Rosenbusch, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist managing editor and regular contributor to Jewelry Making Daily, so much so that she had to share. I love the versatility of it–you could keep making this chain-maille weave until you have several inches for a bracelet or even continue to create a necklace. You can see the Roller-Girl Earrings project here.


Ready for more chain maille jewelry-making projects? Grab Karen Karon's new book, Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop, for great chain maille tutorials in making classic jewelry using ancient techniques. It's available as a print book, instantly downloadable eBook, or in a bargain bundle of both!


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