Cold Connections Bracelet: Running Circles by Kieu Pham Gray

Rivet copper tabs and alternate with brass rings for a versatile bracelet with cold connections

By Kieu Pham Gray

If you’re excited about moving into metalwork in your jewelry making but intimidated at the thought of metalsmithing techniques, then experimenting with cold connections is the way to start. The tools list may seem overwhelming, but with a few exceptions, each tool is inexpensive. As we create this chain, we’ll cover many basic techniques that are constants when working with metal, and especially when making cold connections.


Texturing, basic metalwork, riveting


SS bail of choice
24g, copper or brass texture sheet (plain sheet may also be used)
2ft 18g copper wire
18” of 12g half-round brass wire
3mm copper tubes
toggle clasp
steel wool


Bezel shears, divider, student files, center punch, riveting hammer, 2 hole draw-down punch, curved burnisher, leather mallet (a 1″ mallet was used for this project, although a 1.5″ mallet should be a good starter), bench block, 5/8″ wooden dowel rod, side cutter, chain nose pliers, double flush cutters, chasing hammer, fine tweezers, bail-making pliers

Kieu Pham Gray has been creating jewelry for almost 20 years. She and her husband, Andy, own and operate, where they work to provide the industry with specialty supplies and tools. Most recently, she co-founded, a social media site for serial crafters.


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