Cocktail Bling Rings: Make a Handful for Sparkle Season and Holiday Parties

It’s cocktail season! The next few weeks are usually filled with holiday parties, dinners out, and multiple opportunities to be sparkly. Here’s another great project from our friends at Nunn Design, just in time for all those fun holiday events. Be festive wearing one of these big sparklers on your hand, and make some extras to give to friends and family. The rings are adjustable to fit everyone, and so fun, they’ll go with any style. And remember, the gift of sparkle keeps on giving!

Cocktail Bling Ring

by Stephanie Gard Buss for Nunn Design‘s Innovation Team

You may just luck out like I did, and find the perfect clip-on earring to set into a ring finding with Crystal Clay (editor’s note: also known as epoxy clay or resin clay).  But there are other ways to create this look, building with a combination of chatons, rhinestone chain, and channel findings to add a bit of height. There are endless combinations!


Nunn Design ornate large circle ring finding
Nunn Design rhinestone chain (18SS)
Nunn Design small channel bead or coral-shape bead cap
Crystal Clay epoxy clay (white)
assorted clear crystal chatons


1. Knead together your two-part epoxy clay per the instructions on the package. Roll a small ball and gently pat it into the ring bezel.
2. Carefully measure and cut the chain so that it fits around the inside edge of the circle. Press in gently as shown.
3. Set the bead cap in the center
4. Press chatons into the clay all the way around the bead cap. You may wish to roll a snake of the clay to wrap around the bead cap; you could add another layer of chain or chatons there.
5. Insert a round crystal chaton in the hole of the bead cap at the center of the ring.

Alternative Design


1. Knead together your two-part epoxy clay per the instructions on the package. Roll a small ball and gently pat into the ring bezel as shown on the right in this image.

2. Roll a snake of clay to fit around the channel bead as shown on the left.

  3. Set rhinestone chain all the way around the channel bead. You could also choose to use chatons here. If you use rhinestone chain, you may want to cover the metal links with clay.
  4. Set the channel bead carefully into the clay at the center of the ring.
  5. Cover the top of the channel bead with clay, and attach a bead cap. Insert a round chaton in the hole of the bead cap at the center of the ring.

6. Arrange chatons in a pattern around perimeter of the ring, embedded in the clay.

For more quick and fun ring-making projects of all styles, check out One-Hour Rings.

About the designer: Stephanie Gard Buss makes her jewelry in a studio near the St. Croix river in Stillwater, Minnesota, where she also sells vintage jewelry components that she has "scavenged" from estate sales and old warehouses. She's a member of the Nunn Design Innovation Team. Learn more about Stephanie at and Vintage rectangular chatons can be found Stephanie's supply website at

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