Circular Brick Stitch Pendant Beading Pattern

"Circular Splendor Necklace" PDF Beading Pattern

With the circular brick stitch technique, you can create these absolutely stunning “Circular Splendor” beaded pendants! Incorporate all different sizes and shapes of beads to create your own unique combinations! I'll also show you how to create simple beaded necklaces to compliment your beautiful pendants! With over 55 high resolution full color photos and easy to follow step by step directions, you'll have the perfect new beading project to dive into!

For years I had been frustrated with circular brick stitch because I thought that there was a certain number of beads that I had to put on for each round and my pendants never ended up looking right. Eventually, I learned that there is a way you can “read” your thread and tell how many beads you need to add. When I finally figured out the tricks to this stitch, I became excited with all the possibilities! You can create any size pendant you'd like with any beads you have sitting around! This is a great project for left over bead stashes!

I cannot tell you exactly how many beads to put on each round because I have found that the sizes of the beads vary slightly with different manufacturers (for instance my Toho 11/0's are a slightly different size then my Miyuki 11/0's). Usually, this does not cause a problem with most beading stitches, but it does change the number of beads you'll need in each round with the circular brick stitch. Therefore, I will teach you how to know how many beads you need and the tricks to creating a stunning beaded pendant!

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