Chain Maille How-To: Make Beaded Fan Earrings

chain maille Beaded Fan earrings tutorial

Photos courtesy of Blue Buddha Boutique.

Even though I consider myself to be chain maille challenged, I can make these earrings! The stylish design, created just for you by Blue Buddha Boutique’s chain maille gurus, is an intermediate-level project that can be made in little time. Make them today, wear them out tonight! These beaded fan chain maille earrings are just in time for holiday gift giving and party accessorizing.

You can see how great they look in color. You could make them in any color of anodized aluminum jump rings–or go glam using silver- or gold-colored rings and beads for a spectacular holiday look. Remember to use coated pliers (or wrap the tips of your pliers with tape) to protect the finish of anodized aluminum wire and jump rings.

How to Make Chain Maille Beaded Fan Earrings

Here’s how to make these Beaded Fan Earrings, courtesy of Blue Buddha Boutique.


62 small F18 (18ga SWG 5/32″ / 4.0mm) anodized aluminum jump rings in turquoise
2 large KK16 (16ga SWG 5/8″ / 15.9mm) aluminum jump rings
20 size 6 seed beads in purple-lined amethyst
steel ear wires
narrow flat-nosed pliers, 2 pairs
wide-nosed or duck-bill pliers, 2 pairs (optional, to control the large rings when closing)


1. Prep your rings for each earring by closing 10 small jump rings. Add a bead to 10 other small rings and close. Open 11 small rings.
2. With an open small ring, scoop one closed ring with a bead and then one ring without a bead. Close the ring.
3. Flip your beaded ring up so the two outer rings are a mirror image with the beaded ring on top.
Tip: Pinch the center ring between your thumb and forefinger. You’ll notice the curve of the center ring matches the curve of your thumb. If it doesn’t, or you can’t see the center ring well, flip the piece over to find the proper position of the rings.
4. With another open small ring, scoop one closed ring with a bead and then one ring without a bead, and weave the open ring through the rings as shown. You will weave down through the one closest to your body and back up through the other.
Note: The order in which you scoop the closed rings does matter!
5. Again, flip the beaded ring up to mirror the non-beaded ring.
6. Continue this pattern for the remaining rings. Once you’ve reaching the last closed rings, add the extra open ring to the end for a more finished look.
7. Open a large ring and weave it through the side of the mesh piece without the beads as shown.
8. Add an ear wire to the large ring before closing.

9. Complete the other earring in the same way. You’re done!

Resources: jump rings, beads, and steel findings: Blue Buddha Boutique

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