Chain Maille How-To: Make a Chunky Chain Necklace

Enjoy this stylish and elegant chain maille necklace project, created exclusively for you from our friends at Blue Buddha Boutique! I love the addition of glass rings, they're so festive.

Photos by Blue Buddha Boutique.

Chunky Chain Necklace by Blue Buddha Boutique

Level: Intermediate

This project puts an elegant spin on a classic Half Persian 3-in-1 chain that fits in perfectly with the chunky chain trend. For our project, we used two different base metals, but you can use colorful anodized aluminum rings or even a single metal to suite your taste.

The instructions below allow you to create an 18" necklace. To create a longer or shorter necklace, simply adjust the length of your chain sections by adding or subtracting rings, or create additional sections to add to the piece. This project is truly customizable, so have fun with it!


89 color A medium jump rings = L16 (16ga SWG 1/4" / 6.4mm)
72 color B medium jump rings = L16 (16ga SWG 1/4" / 6.4mm)
4 glass rings (9.5 mm x 3.5 mm)
3 small clasp rings = H18 (18ga SWG 3/16" / 4.8mm)
1 large lobster claw 

* In this case, color A is aluminum and color B is jewelry brass.

Phase 1: Create Sections of Half Persian 3-in-1 Chain

Prep: Pre-close all color B rings. Pre-open 72 color A rings, and set the others aside for phase 2.


1. Scoop 2 closed rings (color B) on to an open ring (color A). Close the open ring.

2. Push the right-most hanging ring in and down toward the first hanging ring–essentially turning it slightly and tucking it underneath the first hanging ring. It is essential to maneuver this right-most hanging ring in this way, so that the weave will lock into place when we weave in more rings.

Note: Notice the "eye" that appears where the two color B rings cross, like a Venn diagram. Your new open ring will push up through this "eye".

3. With an open ring, scoop a closed ring and weave the open ring up through the "eye" as described in the note above.

You will weave this ring in by pushing up through the bottom of the weave and be careful NOT to weave down from the top. Close the ring.

Note: Your third color B ring should be positioned to slide underneath the previous color B ring. It may rest on top accidentally, so make sure to position it underneath the previous color B ring, before continuing.

The right way… …and the wrong way.

4. Repeat step 3 by weaving through the new "eye" created by the second and third color B rings. Close the ring.

5. Continue this pattern to create sections of chain, finishing each section end by adding in one additional color A ring to make the end flush. You will need the five sections in the following lengths:

  • 2 small sections: 1.25" long (6 color A + 6 color B)
  • 2 medium sections: 3.25" long (15 color A + 5 color B)
  • 1 long section: 6.5" long (30 color A + 30 color B)

Phase 2: Connecting Your Chains 

Prep: Pre-close 8 of the remaining color A rings. Pre-open the rest.


6. Align the ends of one of the small chain sections with one of the medium chain sections. Make sure for both that color A rings are along the top and color B rings are along the bottom.

7. With an open color A ring, scoop 1 closed color A ring, 1 glass ring, and 1 more closed color A ring, sandwiching the glass ring between two jump rings.

8. Weave the open ring through one side of the aligned chain sections and close the ring.

9. Weave another open color A ring through the closed rings and glass ring.

Before closing, slide the other end of the aligned chain sections onto the open ring, again making sure the chain sections still match up as in step 7. Close the ring.

10. Repeat steps 7-9 to connect the other sections of chain. The long section should be in the center with the two medium sections on either side and finally the short sections on the ends.

11. Finish your necklace by weaving one small clasp ring through one end of the necklace and sliding on a large lobster claw before closing.

12. On the opposite end, weave two small jump rings through the end and then weave one color A ring through the 2 small rings.

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