Call for Entries: The Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition 2017 for Metal Artists Everywhere

What an honor, what a treat! When I sat down to review the entries to last year’s Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition, I found myself in awesome company looking at so much creative metalsmithing. Over the years I’ve seen a great deal of interesting jewelry and other metalwork using foldforming, and it seems metalsmiths just can’t stop exploring the possibilities of these new techniques. It was an honor to be one of the judges then, and it’s an honor to have been asked to judge this year’s entries as well. It will be an even greater honor to see your designs among them.

ABOVE: 2016 Foldform First Place winning Meander Dishes by Rauni Higson, Britannia silver; courtesy Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition

What You Need to Know:

A few more details:

The 2017 Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition is open to metal artists across the globe. The competition is open through midnight, ET, July 23, 2017. Results will be announced on August 28 at Watch for my post about the contest and winners in September at See the “Call for Entries” for full details as well as a link to the entry portal.

Last year’s competition attracted metal artists in 11 countries and five continents. Winning entries included jewelry, other functional objects, and sculptural art in silver, copper, brass, steel, aluminum, and other metals.

Also judging the 2017 competition will be Seth Rosen, owner of the International Gem Society and Ganoksin, and Charles Lewton-Brain, artist goldsmith and the foldforming pioneer himself.

Morning Surf by Denis Knight, copper, took third place honors in the 2016 competition; photo by Stan Knight, courtesy Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition

We hope to see your entries soon!

Merle White is Editor-in-Chief of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and Editorial Director for the Interweave Jewelry Group.

Interested in learning more about this technique? This video will show you how!

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