Big Wire, Big Ideas: Make Bracelets, Earrings, and Rings with Heavy-Gauge Wire

I wrote a blog for JMD once titled, “Is That Just Wire?” At the time, I was commenting on all of the special design features and elements that can be made with simple, readily available wire, as opposed to metal sheet or other materials.

In addition to all of the components and designs to be made with wire, bangle bracelets can be made by the armfuls just out of heavy-gauge wire—and there’s no soldering required.
Learn how to make bracelets, earrings and rings with heavy-gauge wire in jewelry making.
Learn how to make any type of jewelry design with heavy gauge wire.

Why Make Heavy-Gauge Wire Jewelry?

Wire is more accessible for many folks than sheet metal, less intimidating, and less expensive. It’s also a little easier to work with, because in general, the only finishing required are the two small cut ends. Making a bracelet, for example, by cutting strips out of metal sheet requires finishing all around the strip to avoid sharp and uncomfortable edges, while wire is essentially ready to go with little finishing. Heavy-gauge wire is substantial enough to hold up to the bumps that you can expect a bangle bracelet to receive.

Heavy-gauge wire takes texture better than smaller-gauge wire, simply because there’s more surface area on which to apply the texture, so you'll get more bang for your buck that way. Hammering heavy-gauge wire creates a surface more like metal sheet than wire, which also creates a more substantial statement.

Intrigued and ready to expand your wire skills to heavy-gauge wire—or ready to learn wire basics in a big way? Watch and learn along with Tracy Stanley in Make Metal Jewelry with Heavy-Gauge Wire as she teaches you how to turn simple heavy-gauge wire into riveted bracelets that you can leave as-is or embellish with more wire, charms, beads, river stones, and more. You’ll learn how to create bangles that are just the right size and how to achieve balance in your designs so that your bangles aren’t constantly turning around on your wrist. You’ll also see how to adapt some of the same basic techniques into earring designs.
Learn how to make jewelry designs with bigger wire gauges, such as this charm bracelet.
Tracy explains all of the nuances involved in working with heavy-gauge wire that are different from using regular wire or even metal sheet, including the proper tools that can stand up to the job. And there’s no soldering required! You can watch and learn how to create easy rivets using hardware-store supplies.

If you’re looking for a way to make metal jewelry without investing in a lot of tools, without soldering or using a torch, and without having to learn a lot of complicated techniques, this video is perfect for you. You’ll learn basic metalsmithing techniques like hammering, riveting, and patination—all on inexpensive and accessible wire. You’ll learn to make one kind of jewelry, a bangle, in depth—and then you can make limitless different bangle designs and adapt those same techniques to make other types of jewelry. Order or instantly download your copy of Tracy Stanley’s video workshop Make Metal Jewelry with Heavy-Gauge Wire.
Learn how to make jewelry designs with bigger gauges, such as this metal bracelet.

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