Bench Basics: Learn to Master a Jeweler's Saw with Noël Yovovich

Once you've mastered using the jeweler's saw, there's no limit to the intricate and customized shapes you can create in metal. And in our upcoming live web seminar with Noël Yovovich, that mastery can become yours!

Bench Basics: Saws and Sawing

LIVE with Noël Yovovich

Wednesday, April 16, at 1pm ET

Photos by Noël Yovovich.

Join Noël on Wednesday, April 16, at 1pm ET for a live presentation on basic bench tools with a primary focus on jeweler's saws and sawing metal. You'll learn about:

  • various types of saws and sizes of saw blades,
  • the importance of proper blade tension and how to achieve it,
  • tips and proper technique for successful sawing,
  • how to hold the saw and position your body for best results (in your work and your body!),
  • how and when to use a bench pin,
  • how to pierce metal and saw out internal shapes,
  • how to get (or avoid getting) a "jeweler's tattoo,"
  • and more.

Noël is a master goldsmith and artisan jewelry maker who has been teaching jewelry making for many years, and you've probably seen her work in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. She's a pro and you'll learn all you could want to know about using a jeweler's saw from her! Plus, you'll be able to ask her any questions you have on sawing or using jeweler's saws.

Register now and join us Wednesday, April 16, at 1pm ET to master the jeweler's saw! And don't worry if you can't make it then. As always, your registration entitles you to a link to download the entire presentation after it's over. You'll also receive a coupon for 30% off other web seminars so you can keep learning new jewelry-making skills!


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