Bail Detail: Design Better Pendants with Lexi Erickson

I always like things that are just as pretty on the back as on the front. I know of several professional jewelry designers who put a secret design or tiny gemstone on their pieces as a special little hidden gift for the wearer alone to know about.

Nunn Design's pendant bezels and ring bezels (on the right) have pretty designs on the back, and I love to see handcrafted artisan jewelry that is made beautiful on the back as well. It makes me happy to see artists take the time to go that extra little step. And I don't mean just well finished, but purposefully designed to be pretty on the back. Lexi did a post for Jewelry Making Daily on making pretty bails and back plates about a year ago, and it was so well received, it bears repeating–especially since now she has a whole video workshop on it, her Artisan Bails DVD, also available as an instant download.

Read on to learn more about making beautiful artisan-quality bails and back plates with Lexi and share her inspiration for doing so, all the way from Europe!


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