Ask Lexi: Get Your Own Personal Soldering Teacher and Learn Soldering Fixes from Lexi Erickson

In the first year or so after Lexi taught me to solder, when I still didn't do it very often, I had a few little catch phrases or mantras that I'd use to remind myself of tips and techniques when I'd sit down to solder. The main one was "solder flows toward heat." It helped me remember where to aim my torch, especially when working on a large piece, as well as where to place my solder in relation to a seam before I began.

  learn to solve your soldering dilemmas with Lexi Erickson

Lexi also reminded me of her five rules or steps of soldering: Fit. Clean. Flux. Solder Placement. Heat. I admit that I don't clean my metal (and especially not my solder wire) well enough, so this is one mantra I need to keep repeating!

Now, though soldering is pretty much second nature to me, I still find myself repeating some of those little mantras when I work. And whenever I have trouble with a soldering issue, I ask Lexi.

If my join won't stay soldered, I ask Lexi. If I need to remove solder, I ask Lexi. If I can't figure out the steps in which to approach soldering a complicated piece with multiple joins, I ask Lexi!

get answers to your difficult soldering questions from Lexi Erickson  

Don't you wish you could ask Lexi your most pressing soldering questions? And that she could teach you all the little tips and advice she has gathered in more than 25 years as a metalsmith and teacher? You're in luck! Due to popular demand, we're bringing back Lexi's info-packed soldering webinar, Soldering 911.

Soldering 911 with Lexi Erickson

Live Web Seminar

Wednesday, April 29, 2015, at 1pm ET

If you've ever wanted to take a class with Lexi but haven't been able to, this is a great alternative. Lexi will be sharing essential information for tackling many special soldering challenges, like how to solder mixed metals and how to determine which piece to solder first when you're working with multiple layers, as well as answering your own soldering questions and dilemmas. You'll also learn how Lexi's five rules for soldering can help you solve every soldering issue you encounter. See below for more details and sign up now to reserve your spot in Lexi's live webinar, Soldering 911!





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