Amber Gemstones for Jewelry Making from Our Friends at Stachura

Press Release for Immediate Release


Prehistoric insects perfectly preserved in amber are offered by Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc. Each fossil is natural and untreated, being carefully shaped and polished to show the Oligocene-Epoch insects, flowers, leaves and biota trapped within. These 20- to 30-million-year-old fossils are mined in the forested hills of the Dominican Republic, the hard work being done by hand with simple tools.

Oozing sap from an extinct variety of algarrobo tree (Hymenaea sp.), a leguminous evergreen, naturally trapped any insects and plant matter that happened to be in the way. Each amber specimen is unique and all Stachura amber shows at least one fossil; some pieces contain a riotous snapshot of miniature, ancient jungle life.

A 10X loupe or magnifying glass illuminates many features the naked eye might miss, while a binocular microscope brings you suddenly into the bright golden, 3-D world of long ago. Many of the insects have been identified, but there is always the chance to discover a new species. The available collection is offered at wholesale with prices starting at US$30. For jewelry, as intriguing specimens or as contemplative touchstones to the past, all may be viewed in detail at

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