Alternative Metals: Free Guide and Projects for Making Bronze, Brass, and Copper Jewelry

You'll get four free project tutorials for making alternative metal jewelry in our newest free eBook, Alternative Metals: Free Guide and Projects for Bronze, Brass, and Copper Jewelry.

"You can make jewelry with many different metals using traditional metalsmithing techniques–no need to limit yourself to the standards!," says Merle White, Editorial Director of the Interweave Jewelry Group. "Learn how to add the warmth of brass or copper to your jewelry designs or take advantage of the light weight of aluminum, all while keeping your metal costs way down."

"In this terrific little collection of alternative metal jewelry designs, you'll find projects that will show you how to make a pendant, a necklace, and a bracelet," Merle says. "You'll also hone your sawing and chasing skills–and discover the secrets to soldering copper or copper-rich metals like brass or bronze. Plus you'll discover a simple bracelet form with a decorative top that also serves as a clever clasp. Sometimes called base metals and used primarily for practice, today these easy-to-work and inexpensive materials are also super fashionable jewelry metals that you can have fun wearing anywhere, and can offer to your customers at price points that are bound to sell." And wow, this eBook brings out the Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist jewelry experts like no other eBook has, with these alternative metal jewelry tutorials:

  • Soldering the Copper Metals: Copper, Brass and Bronze by Lexi Erickson
  • Copper Chased Pendant by Tom & Kay Benham
  • Torus Top Cuff by Bill Fretz
  • Sawn Aluminum and Copper Necklace by Helen I. Driggs

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