Add Artistic Flair to Your Jewelry Designs with Pure Gold and Keum Boo

When I first watched our keum boo workshop video, Keum Boo Techniques: Add Gold Foil to Silver Jewelry with Joe Korth, I couldn’t believe how accessible and affordable it is to create keum boo jewelry. It looks like it must be some form of complicated jeweler’s alchemy, but it’s truly an achievable technique that you can do with affordable gold foil and common tools you probably already own (the torch you’d already use to create your jewelry, a less-intense heat source such as a hot plate, tweezers, and something to act as a burnisher). The immediacy of this hands-on technique is very appealing to this impatient maker, too!

I believe the greatness of keum boo jewelry comes from smart design, from creating pieces that will soar with the addition of a well-placed splash of pure, rich gold. I love seeing how other jewelry designers use keum boo to kick their jewelry designs up a notch, like these gorgeous keum boo pieces by talented folks I found on Etsy. Thanks to all of them for allowing me to share their work with you. Be inspired!

Silver Blue Gold keum boo cuff by Katherine Palochak of JazznJewelry

Peacock Feather keum boo earrings by Theresa Hing Jewellery

Soar keum boo earrings by rag and stonez

Square keum boo earrings by Tim Silver Designs

“Body of silver, heart of gold” keum boo dome pendant by EmmyBean

Keum boo charm on bracelet by Diana Anton of artdi

Keum boo cuff by Gina M. Copanzzi Designs

Check out these other posts for more on this fab technique. Then check out the Etsy shops of the artists featured here for more inspiring keum boo and other jewelry creations. Then instantly download or order Keum Boo Techniques: Add Gold Foil to Silver Jewelry with Joe Korth to learn how to add the richness of pure gold to your own jewelry designs!

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