A Different Kind of Stack Ring: Turn Nearly Anything into a One-of-a-Kind Ring in Minutes

As I walked through show after show and booth after booth in Tucson last week, I noticed something about my shopping style. Whenever I saw something that I liked–a bead, a gem, a vintage metal stamped thingamajig, an enameled flower–I’d put it on my hand and look at it as if it were a ring. Sometimes I’d stack a few things that way; some would end up looking like flowers, some just cool stacked, layered pieces. But I found myself doing it all. the. time.


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I made this one in Tucson last year right on the show floor, using a ruffled felt disc Felty from Paula Best and a bright lampwork glass bead and glass-topped headpin from Ellie Mac Beads.

Rings are my favorite piece of jewelry to make and wear, and they’re probably the best way to show off a favorite bead, gem, button, or other component. Think cocktail rings at a party, when the hand holding your glass is festooned with a big, flashy, fun ring. I literally could’ve made a hundred rings with all the things I placed on my hand last week!


Another reason I love rings so much is because they can be so quick and easy to make. Here’s the basic tutorial for making Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry editor Denise Peck’s Copper Top Ring, a wire-wrapped ring that you can make in minutes or modify to show off any single bead or stack of beads and components you’d like. So get stacking!


Copper Top Ring by Denise Peck

“It’s so simple!” Denise says. “But it looks like a lot more ring because of the bead I used . . . a beautiful fabricated metal bead by Jennifer Ionta. And, you can make the ring look completely different by using a glass bead or clay bead.” While most of this ring is one piece, you can get a similar look by making and stacking domed metal circles.

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2-1/2 feet of 20-gauge copper (or silver) wire
25mm fabricated copper and silver bead
8mm sterling silver spacer bead
flush cutters
chain-nose pliers
ring mandrel


Spacer 10x10 pixels 1. Hold the center of the length of wire against the ring mandrel at 1/4 size larger than the size you need. Wrap both ends fully around the mandrel five times, and twist the ends once tightly against the mandrel.
  2. Leaving the wire on the mandrel, thread both ends of the wire through the fabricated bead and the spacer, pushing them all the way down against the wrapped shank.
  3. Pull the spacer back up the wires just enough to be able to thread the two ends over the sides of it and down through the fabricated bead below it. Pull the wires snugly so the spacer bead sits tightly against the fabricated bead.
  4. Wrap each wire end snugly five times around the shank below the bead, one wire on each side of the bead, and trim the wires closely.
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  Another version I made ages ago features a Swarovski crystal, a big faux pearl, and an abalone disc.

Like Denise mentioned, there are endless possibilities for personalization with this project. She mixed copper and silver, but your ring can be all copper, all silver, all gold or brass, or all three; mix in lampwork glass, gemstone, wood, clay, or enameled beads . . . whatever you like! If it’s relatively flat and has a hole in it or can be drilled, you can make a fun ring out of it.

I love quick projects like wire rings that I can make in minutes and show off (or give to a friend) right away. For dozens of other fun-to-make, fun-to-wear wire jewelry projects, subscribe to Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry!

P.S. Get more inspiration for making stacked rings in minutes on this blog.



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