Jewelry Making, Beyond Basics: 5 Ways to Pump Up Your Earrings

Earrings have been around since ancient times, but these earring accessories bring a fresh twist to everybody’s standby adornment. You can assemble yours from premade earring findings or get inspired to make your own at the workbench.

Making earrings is a great way to experiment with a new technique, because you can really explore without a big commitment in time or materials. It’s fun to play around with different findings than you’re used to. It might be a little refreshing or it might expand your work in a whole new direction.

As the saying goes, “Life is too short to wear boring jewelry.” And these earring accessories are anything but boring! From earring jackets to hoops and beyond, here are a few ideas for pumping up your earrings.

perk up earrings with earring jackets

Don’t Forget Your Earring Jacket

Earring jackets are embellishments that you add to post earrings by threading them onto the post, either in front or behind the earlobe. There are special components that are specifically made to slide over earring posts, but you can use any decorative element with a large enough hole. Small pendants, charms and tassels can work beautifully as earring jackets. Earring jackets are easily interchangeable and can add a lot of variety to a small collection of post earrings.

perk up earrings with dangles

Try on Some Back Dangles

Back dangles extend downward from the clutch (closure, clasp, or earring back) at the back of the earlobe. You’ll need a clutch with a loop–and there are many different styles to choose from–plus, post earrings and your favorite dangles. You’ll attach the dangle to the clutch and it will hang down from the back of the earlobe. Some earring back dangle clutches have a swoop that cradles the ear lobe and creates extra length.

perk up hoop earrings with tassels

Hoop it Up: Embellished Hoop Earrings

Embellished hoops are a fun take on a classic style. They’re easy to make by adding any dangle that’s large enough, like this beaded tassel. Large-hole beads can be threaded onto the hoop itself to customize your look. Or, you can add a charm, small pendant or beaded drop to hoop earrings. Think about the hoop’s shape, too; circles aren’t your only options.

perk up earrings with earring threaders

Get Down with Earring Threads

Ear threads or “threaders” present a lot of interesting design possibilities. You can attach a dangle to the loop that extends from the front of the earlobe, while the solid piece hangs down from behind. Weight and balance is important with this style of earrings. You don’t want the dangle to pull the earring out of the ear lobe. Some styles have an arch at the top that fits through the ear lobe and holds the earring in place.

perk up earrings with tassels

The Magic of Tassels are for Earrings, Too

Have you noticed all the tassels in this post? Tassels are super popular right now, and they make it easy to spice-up your earring designs, whether you buy premade tassels or make them from footage chain or other materials. Choose a pretty topper (like this tulip) for extra eye-catching appeal. Attach your tassel to a decorative ear wire, hoop, leverback or your favorite earring finding for a chic and easy look.

make earring cards to display and sell earrings

DIY Earring Cards for Displaying and Selling Earrings

Are you selling your earrings or giving them as gifts? You can make your own distinctive earring display cards using an earring card punch and decorative cardstock that goes with your look. The punch shown here makes holes one inch apart to securely hold post or ear wire earrings. There’s also a leverback earring card punch with little tabs that make it possible to attach leverbacks and hoops. Personalized earring display cards take your earring designs to the next level!


Katie Hacker is the host of Beads, Baubles & Jewels on public television and the content strategist for Halstead, where she’s surrounded by earring-making supplies.

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