5 Reasons Why Metal Stamped Jewelry is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Remember coming home from school with a homemade Mother’s Day gift for Mom? So proud and excited you couldn’t sit still, knowing Mom was going to love what you made her, with your name scrawled on it in your precious brand-new handwriting and an “I love you” with a backwards E. Making gifts for Mom is still fun and rewarding–the techniques have just gotten a little more sophisticated (like the Stamped Chandelier Earrings above, from New Stamped Metal Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly and Taryn McCabe).

Speaking of a backwards E, metal stamping jewelry for Mom (your Mom or a friend who is a Mom–plus Grandma, and a special aunt) is the perfect grown-up equivalent of those sweet little notes and drawings that were hung on the fridge. I think metal stamping is the easiest, most affordable way to make personalized jewelry with designs or sayings that are meaningful to your relationship. Plus, metal stamping is a great way for kids to make jewelry for Mom, with just a little help from Dad or another adult.

Here are five reasons to make metal stamped jewelry sure to melt Mom’s heart and remind her how much she’s loved on Mother’s Day and every day.

metal stamped jewelry: grandma bracelet free tutorial

1. Customized: Make Personal Stamped Jewelry for Mom

Is there anything Mom loves more than her children? (Or grandma, her grandchildren?) Metal stamped jewelry couldn’t be more perfect for personalized Mother’s Day gifts. To create a special reminder of her beautiful family, stamp her children’s (or grandchildren’s) names on metal strips or bracelet blanks (learn how in the Grandma Bracelet tutorial).

If your grandmother is anything like my grandmothers, she has dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren–so perhaps a bunch of charms with their initials on a bracelet would be more fitting. You can also add a gemstone or crystal bead of each child’s birthstone with their name or initial to make a colorful treasure.

metal stamped jewelry and other gifts for mom: stamped silverware

Give Mom a Custom, One-of-a-Kind Gift

Your Mom is one of a kind, isn’t she? I know mine sure is! Metal stamping is a great way to create a gift for her that no one else will have–and it will be even more special because it was made by you.

When I moved a few states away from home several years ago, I missed my Mama like crazy. We’re very close, and I missed sharing parts of each day with her. We love many of the same things–pretty silver teaspoons among them. So I found her a pretty, unique little silver spoon and stamped “I love you” on it, so she could see it every morning when she made her coffee.

As you can see above, even though I tried to be oh-so-careful, I accidentally stamped the E backwards–which broke my heart! But as Moms do, Mama loved it even more.

encouraging metal stamped jewelry for Mom

Perfect Cluster Necklace from New Stamped Metal Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly and Taryn McCabe

2. Encouraging: Make Uplifting Stamped Jewelry

Moms work so, so hard, and their work never ends. Remind her how thankful you are for all she does and has done for you while uplifting her at the same time with loving words of encouragement. You loved to “help” her when you were a little thing–here’s your chance to help her with all of the challenges she faces every day! And not that her children are ever far from her heart, but adding their birthstones keeps them even closer and helps remind her of what are surely some of the most wonderful days of her life.

metal stamped cuff with a quote or Bible verse

Poem Cuff from New Stamped Metal Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly and Taryn McCabe

There are many other ways to create customized stamped metal jewelry that’s special between you and your Mom. Memorialize big dates, such as her children’s birthdates, the date she kicked cancer’s butt, ran a marathon (include her time!), finished her degree, etc. on the back of a stamped bracelet. Stamp Bible verses, favorite quotes, or personal sayings that you and your Mom share by stamping them on a cuff, like the one above. If your Mom volunteers at an animal shelter, make a fun design with dog, cat, and bird stamps. Is she a cyclist? Tree lover? Gardener? Doctor or nurse? There are seemingly endless symbols and design stamps that you can stamp on charms or pendants to help you show you recognize all of Mom’s special qualities.

metal stamped jewelry blanks from Beaducation

3. Affordable: Make Meaningful Jewelry with Simple Tools and Supplies

Metal stamped jewelry is one of the most affordable jewelry-making techniques to get started in. Blanks in a variety of metals and shapes are affordable and available from local craft stores and online stores (the ones above are from Beaducation.com, who also has a huge variety of design stamps). The hammers and alphabet stamp sets are available at hardware stores and craft stores, too. My first alphabet stamp set came from a hardware store and it served me just fine! Now I love using special fonts from ImpressArt as well, and craft stores have a variety of metal stamp sets in all sizes and budgets.

metal stamped jewelry for books by Kathy Grzedzinski

Bookmarks by Kathy Grzedzinski, from 10 Fun Projects Stamping Metal and Wire

4. Versatile: Make Bookmarks, Key Chains, or Other Non-Jewelry Gifts

Maybe your Mom isn’t a huge fan of jewelry, or maybe the little ones prefer to make something else. All of the initials, names, and messaging that would make a special jewelry gift for Mom could be applied to non-jewelry gifts as well, such as bookmarks, key chains, silverware, wind chimes, and more. Many metal stamping blanks can be used as key chains, tassels or charms for purses or phones, pet tags, garden markers, and more. The same dangly charms on Kathy Grzedzinski’s metal stamped jewelry for books, above (from 10 Fun Projects Stamping Metal and Wire), could also be hung from other accessories. In addition to Mom’s name or a word or phrase special to her, personalize them with her favorite colored crystals or birthstone beads, pearls, and metal charms like hearts, birds, or others that represent things she loves.

stamped metal jewelry: Warrior Princess Earrings by Joanne Ortiz

Warrior Princess Earrings by Joanne Ortiz, in 10 Easy Metal Jewelry Projects

5. Kid Friendly: Children Can Make Metal Stamped Jewelry and Gifts for Mom

With help from Dad or another adult to prevent mashed thumbs, children can make stamped metal jewelry and gifts for Mom! Choose designs that don’t need to be perfectly aligned or in a specific pattern, like the randomly stamped Warrior Princess Earrings, above, from 10 Easy Metal Jewelry Projects. Kids can repeat the design stamps they choose all over a metal stamping blank for a metal version of a drawing. Little ones who are too small to use a hammer (even with assistance) can help by picking out blank shapes, deciding which words to stamp that make them think of Mom, picking and placing design stamps for an adult to hammer for them, and selecting colorful gemstones or crystal beads to add to the jewelry.

metal stamped jewelry: riveted flower rings with stamped bands by Kate Richbourg

Riveted Flower Rings by Kate Richbourg, from 10 Exclusive Designs with Wire and Metal

Whether you’re making stamped metal jewelry for Mom or with Mom, we’ve got you covered! Learn to make metal stamped jewelry rings (or take a shortcut with purchased ring bands) like Kate Richbourg’s cheerful Riveted Flower Rings, above, from 10 Exclusive Designs with Wire and Metal. If you’re a big stamping fan like we are, check out Lisa Niven Kelly and Taryn McCabe’s book, New Stamped Metal Jewelry for fresh metal stamped jewelry ideas and tutorials, perfect for all levels. You’ll also find stylish metal stamped jewelry projects in great-value project compilation eBooks like the ones below, in the Interweave Store.









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